142. Attachment

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Readers!


How are you doing peeps! Hopefully everything goes well.

Dear Readers!

Attachement! A simple word but I feel reluctant to hear it. I'm gonna attach at CCM Bangi. For sure, tonnes of works are waiting for me. The most detest part is I'm being attach alone there! Huwaaa! Really dislike! Huh!

It's about industrial demand about Halal Certification. At first, they don't bother about the attachment. After they found something is missing in their system then they asked for it. Fuh! And I'm the victim to go there. Hoho. Very nice one. With smiling face and tears in heart. Hahahaha. Stop talking nonsense!


The attachment will take a month there. But, I tried to propose two weeks only. If possible I don't want to attach there for a long time because I'm alone! Hahahaha... very immature reasons! Who cares. I know this is an opportunity for me to make a networking or something like that. But, I don't care. I don't want to be there alone for a long time. Maybe it's my weaknesses part which is I'm so worried when jump into the new place without knowing a person there. O Allah please give me strength to go through this situation. It's sound difficult for me. But, if You says that this is the best for me, then grant me a sincerity heart to undergo such things. I know, You knows best! Allahu Rabbi.

Dear valued friends,

I really need your comfort words and supports for me to take a challenge. Do prays for me guys. Hopefully, I will contribute something for the attachment. I will face it no matter what. I accept this as my fate and I know maybe there is a 'hikmah' I'll be there. Allah knows best.

After all, I admit that nervousness is still there. Maybe I'll start the attachment in this Monday. So, wait and see what will happen in the few days later. Hopefully I don't messed up. Hohoho.

Then! do prays for me. May Allah make it easy for me. Ameennn Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

That's it. Lets face the new day with new spirits. Be positive! Smile even your heart is not into it. :) :) :)

No stress allowed in this page! hehehe.. :D

Till we meet again peeps!

Thanks for reading,
Take care... (^.^)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


Anonymous said…
just go through it..i believe you can do it...chaiyok
abyadh said…
imtinan, fighting!!!!
Little Caliph said…
Thanks for ur support.i've no choice.hopefully everything will be okay from the beginning until the last date.ameenn.
Little Caliph said…
Farah doakan aku ye.thanks anyway. =)

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