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5. Salam Maulidur Rasul


In this post let's me write in the Malay Language la plak ek..

Ehem..ehem.. (betulkan suara)..

Sebelum tu saya nak paste satu lirik lagu yang berkaitan:

Muhammad Musthofa

Ibunya bernama Aminah
Ayahnya bernama Abdullah
Dilahirkan di Mekkah Mukaromah
Ibu susunya Halimatus Sa`diah

Ayahnya meninggal dunia
Ketika Nabi di dalam kandungan
Alangkah sedih pilunya
Ibunya menjaga bayinya

Semasa di dalam perjalanan
Pulang dari makam suaminya
Aminah jatuh sakit di 'Abwa
Kembali ke alam baka

Tinggallah Nabi seorang diri
Hilang insan yang dikasihi
Tinggallah Nabi seorang dari
Mengajarnya hidup berdikari

Anak yatim anak yang mulia
Dilindungi Allah setiap masa

Terpadam api biara majusi
Runtuhlah istana Kisra Parsi
Mekkah diterangi cahya putih
Tanda lahir Nabi anak yatim

Shalallahu 'alaa Muhammad
Shalallahu 'alaaihi wassalam

Hidupnya yatim, yatim piatu
Tiada ayah tiada ibu
Hidupnya yatim, yatim piatu
Namun dialah manusia agung

Bersempena dengan …

4. Visit to Sime Darby Downstream

Salam.. Good evening to all readers out there.. (if I have some..hehehe)..

This post actually nothing much I want to tell. Before this there are lots of moments and experiences I want to share here but day after day I forget already..hohoho.. Then I will wrote the experience that I still remember during the trip..

We depart from Golden Jomalina about 1.00 pm and go to one of our friend's house for lunch.. her parents sponsor our lunch for us.. thanx soo much.. (credit to syima's family).. Sedap nasi tu.. Then, about 1.25 pm we move to Sime Darby Downstream that located at Carry Island.. Such a wonderful and beautiful place I tell u maa.. It's far away from hustle and bustle from the town. It's seem more peacefully rather than Kuala Lumpur. It's good I think such a place in KL.. coz it's hard to find such a quiet place like Carry Island in KL ni.. yg asyik jamned here and there..hehehe..what a strategic place.. hmmm..

We arrived at Sime Darby Downstream about 1.…

3. What Should We Do??? Think..

What should I do?? It’s the question that running in my head right now. As a Malaysian we should buy and support our products right?? Even though Europe country don’t want to accept our products?? Why?? I should ask this question to myself first.. then u.. as a Malaysian what would you do??

Actually lets I tell u what happen today in my life. Today I had new experienced to visit two wonderful place I think.. even I feel to broke my leg..hahaha.. wear a big safety shoes which is not appropriate size.. (bapak gedabak.. heavy plak tu..) and safety helmet.. pergh.. such an engineer tu.. becoming2.. hopefully la..pray for me ok.. oopss such a merepek here.. ok2..lets go to the main point.. we are given a chance by our lecturer (thanks to Dr Irwandi) to visitGOLDEN JOMALINA FOOD INDUSTRY SDN.BHDand SIME DARBY DOWNSTREAM (R&D)... haa this place I like.. biase la lab2 ni I suke la.. hohoho..really?????? Big question mark there..

What I want to share at the first place that I visit.. gold…

2. A LiTtLe Me HeRe aNd TheRe

In the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Merciful..

what should I share here?? hmm still thinking again and again.. for a few days ago there are lots of new things happen.. It's normal right.. wif new day we face new experience, we learn a lot of knowledge and knew new things.. coz.. day after day we shouldn't have same things to do except sleep.. hehehe.. i like sleep.. xoxo..

then.. what should I write here.. of course it's about my heart... my soul.. but what kind of feeling I have now??? hrmmm i don't know.. may be happy, sad, nervous, hate, annoying.. why??? lets me refresh what kind of weekend i had go through..
happy??? maybe a little bit.. why?? coz i don'y have to go to the lab during the weekend..hohoho.. danger2.. it may give lots of work within the remaining of this 4 weeks .. i need to struggle more and more..

sad??? do I have that kind of feeling??? I think not really.. maybe sad b'coz of my frends.. but should I care if they don't even care …

1.Finally.. Here I come..

This is my first entry.. hehehe.. testing 1,2,3.. After deep thinking... this blog was created by me.. I'm newcomer in this blogger world.. I guess.. I don't ever know what's going on in my mind right now.. It's for real that I already have a blog??? for what??? I don't know the reason why I'm here.. hehehehe..

Actually this blog is just for fun.. It's not motivation blog.. just want to share my heart and my life.. What I'm thinking about.. I loves writing very much.. I likes to start the writing but end up my story always hang up.. maybe lack of times make me don't even have a second to finish it up..

Before that I want to apology to all my valued and wonderful reader ---> (if I have some) , I hope so.. this blog may contains grammatical error in language structure, may be it's annoying for those who are superb in English!! I'm sorry.. biyanei.. sumimasen.. asif.. maaf.. =) Sometimes.. may be I'…