2. A LiTtLe Me HeRe aNd TheRe

In the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Merciful..

what should I share here?? hmm still thinking again and again.. for a few days ago there are lots of new things happen.. It's normal right.. wif new day we face new experience, we learn a lot of knowledge and knew new things.. coz.. day after day we shouldn't have same things to do except sleep.. hehehe.. i like sleep.. xoxo..

then.. what should I write here.. of course it's about my heart... my soul.. but what kind of feeling I have now??? hrmmm i don't know.. may be happy, sad, nervous, hate, annoying.. why??? lets me refresh what kind of weekend i had go through..

happy??? maybe a little bit.. why?? coz i don'y have to go to the lab during the weekend..hohoho.. danger2.. it may give lots of work within the remaining of this 4 weeks .. i need to struggle more and more..

sad??? do I have that kind of feeling??? I think not really.. maybe sad b'coz of my frends.. but should I care if they don't even care anymore?? hmm lets bygone be bygone la.. it's not a big deal pun.. =) I still have true friends that always be by my side.. chill guys.. yeah..

nervous?? Yes I do!!! eh really?? yup.. worried about my project again and again.. O Allah please help me in finishing my project according to the duration given.. 4 WEEKS more.. what??? it's real.. yes.. com'on wake up2.. lets do our work..

hate?? emmm.. I think i don't face this feeling.. what should I hate?? it's become worst if we try to hate things.. just enjoy the things happen to us..

what else?????? hrmm.. nothing I guess.. oo ya.. bored.. yes I'm really bored last weekend.. even I have work to do and even I need to take quiz for today.. but it's all the past..

today's story... hmm nothing much happen..just one quiz that I had done.. not too bad I hope.. just few question I not confident..than I start to mumbling what's in my mind.. hahahaha.. start to 'goreng sampai hangus'.. gud2.. its better than empty it without answer.. hahaha.. really work ke my theory?? belasah sudah..

then I meet my supervisor for next step of course for my project.. haaa.. then I have the idea what i feel. I really don't know why every time I want to see him I feel nervous?? maybe b'coz i'm not properly ready kot.. i guess.. hahaha.. everytime nak meet him.. msti cuak tahap ape tah.. hai hati2..

nothing much la for today.. that's all from my life for a few days... I just want to smile..smile and smile... keep it dear... =) daaa....~

Today's quote:

imam al-ghazali, beliau berkata: "Carilah hatimu di tiga tempat. Pertama ketika kita membaca al-quran, kedua ketika sembahyang dan ketiga ketika engkau mengingati mati. Jika pada 3 tempat itu tidak menemukan hatimu maka mohonlah kepada Allah agar Dia memberimu hati kerana sesungguhnya kamu ketika itu tidak memiliki hati."


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