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142. Attachment

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Readers!
How are you doing peeps! Hopefully everything goes well.
Dear Readers!
Attachement! A simple word but I feel reluctant to hear it. I'm gonna attach at CCM Bangi. For sure, tonnes of works are waiting for me. The most detest part is I'm being attach alone there! Huwaaa! Really dislike! Huh!
It's about industrial demand about Halal Certification. At first, they don't bother about the attachment. After they found something is missing in their system then they asked for it. Fuh! And I'm the victim to go there. Hoho. Very nice one. With smiling face and tears in heart. Hahahaha. Stop talking nonsense!
The attachment will take a month there. But, I tried to propose two weeks only. If possible I don't want to attach there for a long time because I'm alone! Hahahaha... very immature reasons! Who cares. I know this is an opportunity for me to make a networking or something like tha…

141. Random

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates!
Post yang pertama dalam bulan April. Teringat saat-saat menganggur dulu. Asal April ja ala-ala anniversary menganggur sebab bulan April la sebenarnya time unofficially abis belajar degree. But, if I'm not mistaken kalau ikut tarikh ni still dalam final exam period. My last paper at that time was on 7th April which is Food Engineering Process. Alhamdulillah passed with flying colour even though just an A-. After all, the good old days always remained in my heart. Hmm syahdu pulak rasanya teringat campus life. Since, I also surrounded by campus life. Huargh!
How are you? Please ignore my rambling intro. Hoho. Actually this post tak ada perkongsian menarik. Sekadar renungan untuk diri sendiri. Kalau ada manfaat untuk anda di luar sana silakan ambil pengajaran. Kalau tak, sila tinggalkan. Terima kasih. :)
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