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65. Ding Dong Bell..Lalala..~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Very Good Evening Readers..!
I rase nak update blog lagi la kali ni and kali ni I nak tulis dalam BM plak. Dah penat otak da pk nak tulis dalam BI ni. hu2. 
Sebenarnye I xde isu baru la nak share tpi xtau la nape I update gak blog ni. Erm.. kesian la kat I ni. uhuk2. Mates..! Oh before tu I nak ckp (opss silap nak tulis..) I skrang da lame xmkn benda pelik2 ni. Time zaman kanak2 ribena slalu I makan bnde2 pelik. Tapi skrng ni  I tgh ratah milo. Bole x..?! tapi nak wat cane I da teringin.. hehe..
Readers ku sayang...! (aauww I syg kat u oll..ngee..)
I kan ter'realize' sumthing la kat blog ni. Lately ni kan byk I update and tulis post mostly pasal diri I kan. I ckp pasal feeling, pasal chenta, life I yg bosan skrng ni bla..bla.. bla.. Owh... I da malu sebenanye.. hu2.. Mase awl2 I buat blog dulu kan sebenrnye I nak kongsi2 idea tanpa cerita byk2 pasal personal life I. tpi sekarang ni... owh mengapakah..?! sigh.. no answer.. @.@ 

64. Chaotic Life of Mine..Lalala..~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers..

It almost ends of November and new chapter of daily life will be commencing in the new month perhaps.  Few days back, all Muslim was celebrated ‘Idul-Adha festival. So as I am. Hopefully is not too late to wish all Muslim’s friends Happy ‘Idul-Adha Day.  Again, hopefully we have clear understanding about sacrifice and the true meaning of ‘Idul-Adha celebration. Remember the story behind this day of festival. Insya-Allah.

My valued readers,

I warned you that this post might be long because lots of things I wanna update and write over here. If you really have free time and intent to read this post you are most welcome.  Actually I’m in the 50 – 50 mode to update this blog for a few reasons. Definitely I want and love to update but maybe due to some reasons I don’t have extra time plus limited connection of internet makes me lethargic and loss intent as well as loss desire to update.


Rite now my heart, …

63. BioCareer Fair & Exhibition 2010 (:

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Peace be Upon You Mates..!

Today I’m in the mood to update this blog. Hopefully, I’ll steadfast in doing my obligations towards God as I’m feels rite now. Pray for me mates. Let’s try to be the greatest and pious vicegerent towards Him as all we can do. As a Muslim, we should bear it in mind okay..! All what we have now are belongs to Him eternally. With all His loves, He just borrowed us beautiful eyes, gorgeous nose, and attractive mouth so on and so off. Guys, do thanks to Him continuously. Reminder for me as well..(:
Today I’m exhausted. I’m tired because I had attended bio career fair exhibition that was held at KL Convection Center KLCC. I depart from home about 9.00 am and arrived plus minus 10. As usual, I just drop by my resume and listen a little bit about the company promotes. It’s taking about 4 hours to have such a wonderful event.. hoho..~
Indeed, I do realize that there’s lots of company that involving in biote…

62. When You're Getting Married..?! (Monolog dalaman)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum to my valued readers..!
My dearie mates..!
Please lend me your eyes to read, your ears to listen (if u could listen in fact just a word over here..uhu), your brain to work out, your electricity if your lappy or pc are connected with power supply, your precious time to have a look over here so on and so off.

Your advices, your wisdom, your own thoughts, your mind thinking etc are most welcome if you have any. I need all those things rite now. I need your shoulder to cry on. Owh don't be so touching.. ;p
What I'm gonna write over here is about my own thoughts, my own feelings, my heart, my soul etc.
When u a child u feel so happy, your world around you will make you laugh, will give all what you want without any doubt. You will receive lots of love, wisdom and full with laughter.
Day a day you'll grew up and become a person who needs to practice what your parents had go through. You'll  be found your soul mates, your s…

61. When A Day is Raining.. When A Heart Get Hurting.. Turn to Allah is The Finishing..(-_-)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Good Morning Mates..!
Welcome to my 61st post.. hehe..:D
I did post couple, duple, triple.., entries few days back. But all those are in Bahasa. It's seem long time I'm not using our second language. So it will be terrible for me and I warned you don't read because it will be messed up by me. In fact, I'm worried if u can't understand what I'm gonna write after this. If you want to read it's up to you. The choice is yours..;D. After all, I actually even unsure what I want to update over here because I do update this blog almost everyday.
My dearie mates..!
Now, I prefer to keep silence from my friends. I wonder myself why I did such thing. People said a person cannot live without a friend surround them. It's so true. But sometimes, we need time to be alone. I sincerely believe that we are not alone because with us, Allah is always by our side. He never left us behind. It's just we that left HIM somet…

60. Mari membaca.. ^_^

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers..!
Aku mmg sekarang penganggur tegar yang tak de keje. Asyik2 nak update blog. Sebab dah bosan sangat tak tau nak buat ape da. Tak de isu pun usaha cari isu nak update. hu3. mmg kes sadis betul. Sila bersimpati okay..! uhuk3.. :(
Keje mmg dah banyak apply. Tapi rezeki yang masih belum berpihak pada aku. Nak wat cane lagi kan. Sabar je la. (ayat sedapkan hati.. ). Sumpah xnak putus asa. Sbb Allah akan sentiasa bersama dgn org2 yang sabar. If letak ni kat status fb mesti ade org like kan. So korang if accidentally terbaca sila la like ye.. xoxo..~
Memang kalau xde benda nak tulis dah macam2 aku merepek kat sini. Sorry mates..! It's happen during mental breakdown occurs and when I wanna to write rubbish.. lalala..~
Okay let's be serious. Sebenarnye nothing much to share. Sebab da rajin sgt nak update tapi mls nak taip panjang2 ape kata korang klik je kat link2 di bawah. Sekadar info bersama. Aku pun x abis ba…

59. Gambaran Hari Kiamat

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers..!
Rasa nak update lagi arini. Kali ni nak share satu artikel yang aku dapat dari kawan aku. Try la baca ni ye my wonderful and valued friends..! :) Check it out peeps.
credit to : Ninie Noordiana ;D sbb tag aku kat fb and thanx for da sharing the precious info :)

Gambaran Hari Kiamat Selepas Malaikat Israfil meniup sangkakala (bentuknya seperti tanduk besar) yang memekakkan telinga, seluruh makhluk mati kecuali Izrail & beberapa malaikat yang lain. Selepas itu, Izrail pun mencabut nyawa malaikat yang tinggal dan akhirnya nyawanya sendiri.
Selepas semua makhluk mati, Tuhan pun berfirman mafhumnya "Kepunyaan siapakah kerajaan hari ini?" Tiada siapa yang menjawab. Lalu Dia sendiri menjawab dengan keagunganNya "Kepunyaan Allah Yang Maha Esa lagi Maha Perkasa." Ini menunjukkan kebesaran & keagunganNya sebagai Tuhan yg Maha Kuasa lagi Maha Kekal Hidup, tidak mati. Selepas 40 tahun, Malaikat I…

58. Kenapa Saya Tak Suka Awak Lagi.. ^_^

Dear Mates..!
Ahlan..! :)
Today, I wanna share something with all of you. Let's talk about 'L.O.V.E'.
Okay peeps..! What do you think about it?
Hrm.. Tahla aku pun xtau nak cakap pe. Tibe2 rasa nak tulis benda ni kat sini.
Kenapa Saya Tak Suka Awak..?
Boy said to a girl:
1) Awak tak bersedia bile saya ajak kawen
2) Awak tak pandai uruskan rumah such as masak, kemas rumah etc.
3) Awak tak pandai berdikari, not independent.. manja.. bla.. bla.. bla..
4) Sebenarnya saya dah jumpa orang lain yang saya rasa sesuai dgn saya..
In fact die nak cakap die ade org lain except you. So few reasons above just the R.E.A.S.O.N.!!
Reason they want to broke up with you. xoxo..;p
For me.. Lelaki tak semuanya baik. Mostly they have lots of mystery surround them. Mula2 belum dapat macam2- sweet talkers.. After all.. hurmm.. no komen. Hopefully u all tau sendiri la ye.
Apepun I know, tak semua lelaki xsetia or jahat. Tapi mostly that I had found...sooooo unlucky.. owh pity …

57. Banjir di Perlis

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera..

Dear Mates..!
Ahlan Wa Sahlan.. !
Musibah dan ujian. 
FirmanNya: “Dan jika Kami hendak membinasakan suatu negeri, maka Kami perintahkan kepada orang-orang yang hidup mewah di negeri itu (supaya mentaati Allah) tetapi mereka melakukan kedurhakaan dalam negeri itu, maka sudah sepantasnya berlaku terhadapnya perkataan (ketentuan Kami), kemudian Kami hancurkan negeri itu sehancur-hancurnya.” (QS. Al Isra, 17 : 16)
“Dan apa saja musibah yang menimpa kamu, maka adalah disebabkan oleh perbuatan tangan kamu sendiri, dan Allah memaafkan sebagian besar dari dosa-dosamu.” (QS. As Syura, 42 : 30) Seterusnya,
Firman Allah:
“Dan Tuhanmu sekali-kali tidak akan membinasakan negeri-negeri secara zalim, sedang penduduknya orang-orang yang berbuat kebaikan.” (QS. Hud : 117).
Sahabat sekalian berdasarkan ayat-ayat serta firman Allah ternyata sesuatu yang terjadi pasti ada sebab serta musababnya. Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu …