63. BioCareer Fair & Exhibition 2010 (:

Assalamualaikum and Peace be Upon You Mates..!


Today I’m in the mood to update this blog. Hopefully, I’ll steadfast in doing my obligations towards God as I’m feels rite now. Pray for me mates. Let’s try to be the greatest and pious vicegerent towards Him as all we can do. As a Muslim, we should bear it in mind okay..! All what we have now are belongs to Him eternally. With all His loves, He just borrowed us beautiful eyes, gorgeous nose, and attractive mouth so on and so off. Guys, do thanks to Him continuously. Reminder for me as well..(:


Today I’m exhausted. I’m tired because I had attended bio career fair exhibition that was held at KL Convection Center KLCC. I depart from home about 9.00 am and arrived plus minus 10. As usual, I just drop by my resume and listen a little bit about the company promotes. It’s taking about 4 hours to have such a wonderful event.. hoho..~

Indeed, I do realize that there’s lots of company that involving in biotechnology fields though there’s not so many biotech company been involved (is that what my friend said). But, still okay la for me. Since, it’s my first time being participated in bio career fair like this.

What to share about this event..?


For a time being, I think there is nothing else to be shared over here about the event which I had attended just now.  It’s because I’m freaking tired to continue write though I do update here. Maybe I just drop by to spend time before zzzzzzzzz. xoxo..~

So peeps..!

It’s almost 1.30 am. I’m so sleepy. So I do stop here. Till we meet again. Pen off..~

Thanks for reading..
Take care..(^_^)

p/s: any further inquiry or details do visit or click here..:)

p/s: I really sleepy. I do realize that my language suck..hoho.
I myself don't understand at all..huhu.. ;(
so please ignore mates..ngee..;D

p/s: tomorrow I'll go back to my hometown..yeay..!
finally after a week I guess staying in Kl..
hepy mode.. home sweet home..;D

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'..:)


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