62. When You're Getting Married..?! (Monolog dalaman)

Assalamualaikum to my valued readers..!


My dearie mates..!

Please lend me your eyes to read, your ears to listen (if u could listen in fact just a word over here..uhu), your brain to work out, your electricity if your lappy or pc are connected with power supply, your precious time to have a look over here so on and so off.

Your advices, your wisdom, your own thoughts, your mind thinking etc are most welcome if you have any. I need all those things rite now. I need your shoulder to cry on. Owh don't be so touching.. ;p

What I'm gonna write over here is about my own thoughts, my own feelings, my heart, my soul etc.


When u a child u feel so happy, your world around you will make you laugh, will give all what you want without any doubt. You will receive lots of love, wisdom and full with laughter.

Day a day you'll grew up and become a person who needs to practice what your parents had go through. You'll  be found your soul mates, your spouse and your life will turn around from a single to a married men.You'll be a husband or a wife, you'll be a father or a mother etc. 

However, you are so lucky if you could found your fortunate soul mates and support each other. You're lucky if you don't even found the wrong person before. You're so lucky if you're not give your heart, your love to the wrong person. Because.. if you had faced heart broken or frustrated, it' seem hard to built up again your feelings, it's so difficult to re-open again your heart to another person perhaps. Isn't guys?

Or else, if you still have faith, then you do realize that what happen it's a valuable experience that not everyone get it. May be your baby step in love is wrong and fault. Then, from a baby step you'll grow up a little bit. I believe that you'll be more careful and 'banana will not fruits two times..! lol~ (pisang xkan berbuah 2 kali rite..?)

So if you feel so empty, your heart full of shame, you feel you can't repent, you feel you had done wrong and can't turn back, don't despair and never loose hope. Turn to Allah and He never let's you down. He always give you second chance. But, you need to put all your trusts and believes in Him.With all His wills you will built up your future again. 


Actually, I wanna share something that related to me. It's about love. When your age getting older one question always be asked by everyone especially people that closed to you. When you're getting married..?!

OMG.. I feels like wanna laugh at all. Deep in my heart I feel hurt. Yes I do mates.! I don't know why. But the question like killing me after all. The question makes me crazy sometimes. The truth is.. Is someone out there waiting for me and he'll marry me..?

I do admit that it's really hard for me to put trusts in man, it's difficult to open my heart and shower with loves. Because I worried, scared, frighten and afraid to face all the things about love. I'm worried to take risk. Love is about put yourself in risk.. ;(

So.. readers..!

What should I do. I do believe that our destiny is already wrote by Him. However, that could be our destiny appear without we are not try to open our heart to it? Could be or not? Org kata jodoh kalau x cari xkan ade. Betul ke?

I really confused about it. Mates..! I do reject few unofficial proposals that made by man. I do refuse to befriend with man. I do afraid mates..! really afraid. Can you help me..? 

I afraid, if I found that they are not suitable for me I don't want to give them a single pain. I don't want to give them hopes as well. Because I worried to hurt others. I don't want. I really can't because I do feel all those kind of feelings. It's really hurt guys. Belief me. It's so hard to rebuilt again your spirit, your hopes and your trust. I already experienced it. (do surprise..? hoho..~ please do and no details available).

Dear friends..

I think twice, do I have to post this entry. Should I share this things with public. Erm then, you already read this without purpose rite. So what I'm gonna says is just that my own thoughts. Again it's nothing to do with me actually. All the fact above is just a gimmick for sure. So it's enough to divert your surprise?? or still you feel unbelievable? hahaha..~ can't help anymore. Whatever wrote over here nothing to do with people died or alive. Just my idle ramblings and idle thoughts that bother me soooooo muchh..!!

In fact, only my closed frens do understand what is 'tersurat' and 'tersirat' in this post. It should be like that. If they don't, it means that they don't really understand me at all. Okay..peeps I realized this post its something like gloomy and dummy. sigh..~

Without I realized I do write some other ramblings things. So if you have time you can continuing reading. If not till we meet again in new entry hopefully. All by His wills. ;)

Here's we go ramblings without a title..;p
When a sun is gloomy
When a sky is cloudy
When a day is rainy
It’s me standing here without a wordy.

When a heart is hurting
When a life is messing
When a breath is blocking
It’s me sitting here without a hoping


Don’t let your eyes keep closed
Don’t let your ears keep clogged
Don’t let your heart keep away
Don’t let your life ruined around

Let’s built up our strength
Let’s made up our mind
Let’s ramped up our hopes
Let’s worked up all over again together

By then you should..

Believing in fate
Desiring the best
Working for its
and accepting the rest.

With all your hopes and faith
You’ll deserve what you’re dreaming for
With all your prays and trusts
You’ll get what you’re wishing for.
With all His wills..

He knows best..

So then..

Let’s put our trust in Him
Let’s put our faith in Him
And let’s put our belief in Him

He’ll answer our prays
He’ll give what we want
He’ll guide all along


He never turns around
He never left us behind
He keep listen every single words
and He always be there for us.

Just He.. !
knows everything
up and down,
inside and outside,
deep and shallow,
sky and world
and He knows everything..
what’s the best for us.
Lets him made a decision

If and only if

We put all our belief in Him
We put all our faith in Him
And we put all our trust in Him.
We’ll get the greatest !

Only and only Him knows the Best
and lets him do the rest..!
Only Allah knows best.
He the most Greatest..!


Thank you for lending all your senses to read this post. It's happen when I can't hold things anymore and when I can't bear by myself. Anyway, I still believe that He never puts the burden without He knows that we can bear oneself. Still I'm as a human beings wanna express it out and sharing the stormy weather together. Perhaps I do found you as friend indeed.! I do appreciate and thanks to you friends.. :) Thanks so much. 'Asif jiddan if any word or any sentences that might been hurt you. I'm apology. So after all, don't keep this things burden your mind. Just let it be okay..!

I just wanna express what's going around in my mind, my heart and my soul. That's underlying with my blog header rite..;p Till we meet again dears.. Insya-Allah.. Chill up..~

Thanks for reading..
Take care.. (^_^)

p/s: I warned you that I'm not an English speaker..
just ignored if you find my language is very bad. (I know already..!)

p/s: I'll attending career fair tomorrow. But fear already catch me..!
Owh.. do pray for me okay..! Hopefully everything goes well.

p/s: This post is too long.. Don't read if u refuse.
It's okay then. :)

p/s: I used different type of font because..
this post is different from previous.. special post maybe..;p

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'.. :)


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