64. Chaotic Life of Mine..Lalala..~

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers..


It almost ends of November and new chapter of daily life will be commencing in the new month perhaps.  Few days back, all Muslim was celebrated ‘Idul-Adha festival. So as I am. Hopefully is not too late to wish all Muslim’s friends Happy ‘Idul-Adha Day.  Again, hopefully we have clear understanding about sacrifice and the true meaning of ‘Idul-Adha celebration. Remember the story behind this day of festival. Insya-Allah.

My valued readers,

I warned you that this post might be long because lots of things I wanna update and write over here. If you really have free time and intent to read this post you are most welcome.  Actually I’m in the 50 – 50 mode to update this blog for a few reasons. Definitely I want and love to update but maybe due to some reasons I don’t have extra time plus limited connection of internet makes me lethargic and loss intent as well as loss desire to update.


Rite now my heart, my soul and my thought already shattered into pieces. A few days back I’ve got a letter from SIRIM. The interview result is already released and I’m unsuccessful. It’s so tragic rite. Honestly, I do put all my entire hopes at that job’s interview. But Allah knows best. It’s really turned out my mood and I feel the environment surround me become unexciting. My entire dream already broken into pieces likes a glass fall onto the floor. So do imagine mates..! sob..sob.. sob.. ;(


However, when everything occurs we do turn to the beginning and put our trusts in Him, I indisputably believe that I’m strong enough to accept and bear this test.  I do accept as true that everything arises is in under His wills and He knows best. Maybe He wants me to try again and He’ll give another better chances. Allahuakbar..! So my shattered heart recovered and I’ll built new spirit and new hopes again even it’s too hard. It’s just a small test in my life compared to others. Do think positive and husnodzon (always think good in Him). Hopefully, there’s must be a beautiful rainbows after hardly raining day in the future.. yeahh! Do prays and never give up. . (: 

Dear friends..!

Let’s forget about the chaos of my life for a minute. Now let’s I tell you something surprising events in my life and occurs in unexpected time. Wanna know..?!  So keep reading this idle ramblings of me.. :D. Okay focus what I’m gonna says after this..! Don’t play2.. ahaks.

So, mates..! Do you ever hear about ‘merisik’ before..?!  xoxo.. Peace no war. Okay I don’t know the suitable and exactly word for it in English because my vocab is still worst and terrible. Let’s I explain you a little bit. Merisik is like before you get married, there are some steps that you should follow according to Malay’s custom. Your future parents in law of groom will visit bride’s home and ask for the bride’s parents, is the bride already has the loves one or none and still single..?! Owh perhaps you’ll understand what I’m talking about or else do ask Mr.G.. lol..~ If you still don’t understand do ask your Malay’s friend or do PM me.. (:

Surprisingly, I do experience it few days back..!!  OMG.. It’s really horrible okay. I feel uneasy and such a nuisance occurs in me. I can’t express my feelings. To be honest, I never imagine and expect to experience it for a time being. It does really make me shock and full of surprised. I swear..! I told you guys. The rate of my heart beat, I can’t tell you okay. It’s already like oscilloscope graph or whatever..! Still remember that day. Embarrassment and shamed of course I do..! Owhhhhh.. such an annoyance and predictable day..! However, I do pretend and act well la. Do as usual. Hakhak.. (: shy2 cat already.. ;p

What do you think..?! Erm I still have time to consider this early proposal okay. Owh it’s such a burden on me rite now.  I wonder, is I’m matured enough to get married..? Is I’m ready to bear all the responsibilities..? Is I’m prepared well for all those things..?! sigh.. O God please guides me and shows me the right way to make a decision. Just now, my dad already asked me to discuss about it seriously.

For me, I’m really not so sure about it. I even don’t know the guy who proposed me. I don’t have a clear picture on him. So I need time to consider and make the right decision. I do pray to Allah to guide me all the way. I turned to Him and I do believe in Him. Hopefully, I make an exact decision. Insya-Allah.

Okay dearie readers..!

Let’s wait for my decision after this. Now what else..?! Erm.. In the beginning I have lots of things that I wanna write over here. But, now I need to think and remember for a seconds. Uhu.. So how’s your celebration of ‘Idul-Adha peeps..?! Hopefully, everything goes well, full of happiness, joyful, wonderful, blissful and meaningful celebrations. For my family and I, as usual; together do a work such as do a preparing, cleaning, cooking, chit-chat, joking, packaging and eating.  It’s quite wonderful and amazing atmosphere. Together assemble and meet each other such as cousins, nieces, nephew and all biological family members. It’s such a meaningful moment to remember perhaps.

Deep in heart, I do remind myself about this celebration, the sacrifice and the entire story behind. I do hope, in one day I’ll be Allah’s guest to perform Hajj and be in Makkah Al-Mukarammah. O Allah please answers my hopes and prays in the rite time. Subhanallah.. :’) How about you friends..?! Do cultivate the hopes and wish from now on. Hayya bina..!


Now, I start to re-think about my future. I do restructure and re-planned again and again. After this, if still I don’t get any jobs I’ll pursue my study in Masters Level. Insya-Allah. I may pursue in environmental engineering conceivably. However, I still searching and surveying the opportunity at which university offered. Do pray for me mates..! Of course, I still searching and seeking for job opportunities as well.  The rest I’ll leave to Him. (:

Okay peeps..! I think I should stop now before this post getting longer. Anything else let’s I update from time to time. Before you become so bored rigid I’ll stop rite now. Here’s I left you with my favor song that I addicted currently. Check it out if you wills friend.. ! :)  

do click here..(: (: (:

Thanks for reading..
Take care.. (^_~)

p/s: Why I extremely write in English..?!
Erm.. just wanna practice and improve my English skill ma..
It's too long my brain not being used..
my language seems being worst as well..uhu..

p/s: sorry I can't attach a video of my fav song..
It's because of the internet connection sooooooooo slow..fuh..
just click the link if u want.orite dear.. :)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'..:)


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