3. What Should We Do??? Think..

What should I do?? It’s the question that running in my head right now. As a Malaysian we should buy and support our products right?? Even though Europe country don’t want to accept our products?? Why?? I should ask this question to myself first.. then u.. as a Malaysian what would you do??

Actually lets I tell u what happen today in my life. Today I had new experienced to visit two wonderful place I think.. even I feel to broke my leg..hahaha.. wear a big safety shoes which is not appropriate size.. (bapak gedabak.. heavy plak tu..) and safety helmet.. pergh.. such an engineer tu.. becoming2.. hopefully la..pray for me ok.. oopss such a merepek here.. ok2..lets go to the main point.. we are given a chance by our lecturer (thanks to Dr Irwandi) to visit GOLDEN JOMALINA FOOD INDUSTRY SDN.BHD and SIME DARBY DOWNSTREAM (R&D)... haa this place I like.. biase la lab2 ni I suke la.. hohoho.. really?????? Big question mark there..

What I want to share at the first place that I visit.. golden jomalina (Johari& Malina).. currently is under sime darby property.. dulu independent je establish by kerabat diraja Pahang.. what they produce?? Hm their business is about food processing la of course.. tapi ape ek?? Ok let’s me quote this:

“Golden Jomalina produces refined palm oil and palm kernel oil products which include shortening, industrial margarine, frying palm oil, milk fat replacement, vegetable ghee and cooking oil. Also produced are customised oil products for frying, application in dairy products, colouring and as food ingredient for local market as well as for exports to Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and the US.

Golden Jomalina also manufactures the following speciality products:
  • Special Animal Fat Replacer (SaFaR) - a vegetable fats to replace animal fats in food products,
  • Jomalina Guaranteed Quality (JGQ) products - products made of palm oil with low saturated fatty acid content
  • Golden Joma Red Olein - red palm oil with very high beta carotene content.

Currently products manufactured by Golden Jomalina are sold under the main brands Golden Joma and Delico.”

Haa understand now?? Hope so ok.. ni aku copy dr website daa (credit to http://plantation.simedarby.com/Malaysia.aspx) .. hahaha.. ok what actually I want to highlight here.. as we all know that our country able to plant and produce palm oil in semenanjung plus Sabah Sarawak.. our weather
and condition are suitable for this type of plant. Then as an excellence people (especially people in MPOB) they try to produce lots of products from this kelapa sawit.. you know?? Ala kat blkang umah u all la.. From this palm oil they produce cooking oils, oils and fats, shortening bla..bla..bla.. as mention above tu.. (bape kali nak repeat ni). Ok lets share what I know ( sket je aku tau ok.. klu salah tlg betulkan). People out there sure know that vegetable cooking oils is more much better than others.. What is vegetables cooking oil???

They use vegetable or plant as a fat which is low cholesterol. Then ape kaitan??? Ok if we care kat Carefour ke Giant ke.. or any supermarket, hypermarket, kedai runcit and etc..ade minyak name Mazola kan?? It’s olive oil actually.. dari jagung.. It’s good for health. But then what I want to tell is Palm oil also same level wif this Mazola..It’s also have same levels of good oils in terms of fat. Both are come from PLANT fat ok..

But... Europe country doesn’t want to approve and accept this palm oil. Why???? Actually they afraid that our oil will penetrate their market (olive oil).. They don’t even want to admit that palm oil is vegetable oil. They also had a SPECIAL discovery ok pasal bnde ni.. they provoke and compare wif their oil. If u care both of this oil it’s actually SAME.. I repeat SAME quality ok.. they don’t have any reason to provoke than they make an issues about global warming.

They claims that Malaysia will do the deforestation, open burning for plant kelapa sawit?? Really? Do they even care that Malaysia already have their plantation site for this plant.. Rase2 aku berlambak ladang kelapa sawit kat Malaysia ni.. we don’t even cut the tree, wat pembalakan pun kan semate2 nak tanam kelapa sawit ni.. Nak harvest kelapa sawit kite kne bakar ke???? Jawab2.. Bukan padi ok.. it’s palm oil.. it’s already there. Europe country doesn’t want to admit it la.. because they don’t have such the plantation at their country.. they worried that Malaysia become more advanced and richer kot..(lawak boley???). if betol pun tak salah kan..

Then what should I do??? What would we do??? They claims us that we are going to make the ice at ‘kutub utara’ melts because of this.. They doesn’t want to accept our products.. so how?? Let’s us think and think.. Actually I’m become mad and geram gile!! ok.. But I can’t do anything.. Just support la our products.. Cite la kat parents, adik, kakak2 n abg2.. atok2 and nenek2 skali if possible about this palm oil is vegetable oil which is good for our health same wif olive oil.. if you want to know the cooking oil which is cap Giant ke
Carefour tu actually from GOLDEN JOMALINA product. They buy from them and brand as their brand.. it’s actually make from palm oil.. then let’s buy Malaysia products. Our product pun ok pe skrng ni.. Hmmm..

Ok I think better stop now.. For the next trip I will post it later.. Mcm da banyak aku cakap..But thanks to our lect that organize such a fascinating and beneficial trip. I like it sbb dpt jln2.. and of course sbb I gain lots of knowledge about food processing.

p/s: pasni I will upload the picture of the visit..

Today's quote:


“Anakku, juallah duniamu dengan akhiratmu
nescaya engkau akan beruntung dari keduanya
& janganlah engkau jual akhiratmu dengan dunimu
nescaya engkau akan rugi dari keduanya”


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