1.Finally.. Here I come..


This is my first entry.. hehehe.. testing 1,2,3.. After deep thinking... this blog was created by me.. I'm newcomer in this blogger world.. I guess.. I don't ever know what's going on in my mind right now.. It's for real that I already have a blog??? for what??? I don't know the reason why I'm here.. hehehehe..

Actually this blog is just for fun.. It's not motivation blog.. just want to share my soul..my heart and my life.. What I'm thinking about.. I loves writing very much.. I likes to start the writing but end up my story always hang up.. maybe lack of times make me don't even have a second to finish it up..

Before that I want to apology to all my valued and wonderful reader ---> (if I have some) , I hope so.. this blog may contains grammatical error in language structure, may be it's annoying for those who are superb in English!! I'm sorry.. biyanei.. sumimasen.. asif.. maaf.. =) Sometimes.. may be I'll be use Bahasa and rojak buah.. hmm..

Please leave some comments and I really appreciate it.. Ok.. I think it's enough for my first entry.. Actually there are lots of think that running in my head.. lots of story I want to write.. lots of things I want to mumble out.. but.. I think better I stop since it's my first entry. Hope you will enjoy read my blog..


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