4. Visit to Sime Darby Downstream

Salam.. Good evening to all readers out there.. (if I have some..hehehe)..

This post actually nothing much I want to tell. Before this there are lots of moments and experiences I want to share here but day after day I forget already..hohoho.. Then I will wrote the experience that I still remember during the trip..

We depart from Golden Jomalina about 1.00 pm and go to one of our friend's house for lunch.. her parents sponsor our lunch for us.. thanx soo much.. (credit to syima's family).. Sedap nasi tu.. Then, about 1.25 pm we move to Sime Darby Downstream that located at Carry Island.. Such a wonderful and beautiful place I tell u maa.. It's far away from hustle and bustle from the town. It's seem more peacefully rather than Kuala Lumpur. It's good I think such a place in KL.. coz it's hard to find such a quiet place like Carry Island in KL ni.. yg asyik jamned here and there..hehehe..what a strategic place.. hmmm..

We arrived at Sime Darby Downstream about 1.45 pm and prays at their mussolla.. Even though the mussolla it's not too big but we manage to pray properly and ready by 2.00 pm. Then about 2.00 pm we gather at the receptionist counter.. hmm it's seems hotel lak ek.. siap de receptionist tu ahaks.. We are welcomed by the representative of the company (sorry forget his name..hehehe) and we are given short brief about he company, what they working on, what the facilities they have and etc. After few minutes.. (again I forget..ish..ish.. seems kne mkn kismis byk2 ni.. huhuhu) of briefing, they bring us tour da lab.. There are lots of lab wif different functions and fields they are working on and we are visiting all the labs..owh God what a tired I had..huhuhu..

The first lab the we are visit is Plant Laboratory.. (oopps so suden I remember my project..hohoho.. coz I'm also working my project in the plant lab maa..). Nothing much in the lab.. What I remember in this lab they do the research and experiment on PO la of course.. PO tu ape ek??? Ape lagi pome oil plant ar.. (pepandai ko je ek nak singkatkan..mrh cikgu BM.. hahaha). All working is related to the plant dari akar sampai la ke pucuk.. Then we moves to next lab.. Alamak.. I tak ingat la plak lab ape.. dush!! ape daa.. Sorry ok.. really can't remember coz so many lab that we visit..

Then..hmm..haa lab ni of course aku ingat.. coz I likes this field actually. It about water and wastewater lab.. (again my project come to my mind so sudden) This lab working on POME la specifically.. POME tu stand for Palm Oil Mill Effluent.. They need to ensure the effluent should be same wif the DOE requirement. if not they will be fine la of course.. RM 2000 compound tu kire min ar.. Lebey mau.. I really interested la wif this like.. Rase cm nak bg resume tros.. huhuhu.. tpi tak ley ar.. kne trough jobstreet maa.. adush.. berat2.. need to compete maa.. What makes me interstested in this field pun I tak tau.. Maybe it's more attract my interest kot.. hmm maybe..

After that, we moves to processing lab.. Haa.. this lab of course la process lab.. segala bnde project, process and etc about Palm Oil for sure.. I'm sure la u all pun tau before we produce any production to market it, we should make some research and lab trial first before sell to the people. If not tak pasal klu de negative effect.. Mau masuk court tu.. Nothing much la in this lab.. To be honest i'm not really interested la.. But da dtg I make sure gak absorb pe2 yg patot.. Ilmu kan..

Ape lagi ek.. ok la to make it short finally we arrived to the labs that related to the main objectives of the visit which is Food processing lab.. Actually this lab's name is oils and ape tah..isk lupe lgi.. ape nak jdi ni labu.. Forget it la.. The fact that I remember is currently this lab is working in food processing research la.. Just endorse on September 2009.. baru lg tu.. They say that they still search for the workers.. (ha pe lagi anta2 resime cepat2).. hehehe.. but before this ensure that food processing subject got A la bru confident nak apply.. Currently they already produce the juice.. It's several flavor.. But the one that I attract is pink guava juice..best2.. the plantation of pink guava is located at Sitiawan..(ha sape2 org sitiawan kasi alert sket ok..). The other products they also produce biscuits.. soo creative la diaorg ni.. What make I tell they are creative.. coz the buscuits that they produce it's from the pulp of the fruit that they make the juice.. (maksudnye lps diaorg perah2 buah nak wat juice tu kan ade hampas2 tu.. ha yg tu ladiaorng amek wat biscuit instead they just throw like that).. gud2.. takde la membazir kan.. They also say that actually that thing is rich in nutrients lgi... syg klu buang cmtu je.. hmmm.. that's awesome right.. one new thing I learn form it.. Subhanallah.. ciptaan Allah tak de sape yg bole tandingi.. setiap yg die jadikan have the goods and bad.. but goods thing is more than bad right??

Then we also pay a visit at the fertilizer lab, microbiology lab, chemistry lab and ape tah lab yg WANGI dr lab2 yg lain.. daa tak ingat lagi.. haish.. pe nak jdi neh.. In short, all those labs are working on palm oil plant specifically. Then about 3.30 pm we end our session for da lab tour..

Then we arrived at campus about 5 ++.. Yg aku remember pkul 5.30 aku solat asar kat bilik.. What a wonderful day and sooo tiring.. But lots of moments, memory and knowledge I got.. Hopefully I will apply those new things and knowledge in da future ahead or in my working phase maybe.. hmm.. till then.. pen off..

p/s: sorry for this post there are no pic..


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