7. Let's Plan....

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. In the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

I would like to make a proper planning for the remaining 3 weeks I guess.. Even my friend says 2 weeks more but because of my lovely 'bf' so I would choose the longer the duration as I'm pleasure.. (suke ati nampak).. No talk2.. no play2.. no gossip2 anymore.. From now on let focus.. focus.. and focus.. Let's start the battles till da end..(ehem2..).. So without further a do.. let I state what is my planing wif my sweet and wonderful 'bf'..


Date commence: 3/3/2010
Expected finish: 19/3/2010
Lab work : 4-13/3 (2.00 pm), then once per 2 days
Venue: Chemical laboratory
Objectives : Measure the TN, COD, pH, TDS, biomass produce
Report writing: On going until 14/4/2010 ---> sbb 15/4 da kne submit


Final Examination:
25/3/2010 : Bioprocess Facility Design and Regulatory
29/3/2010 : English for Occupational Purpose
31/3/2010 : Solid Waste Engineering
7/4/2010 : Food Process Engineering


Important's Date:
22/3/2010 : Presentation mini project solid
15/3/2010 : Submit assignment food
15/4/2020 : Submit final draft report
22-23/4/2010 : Presentation
29/4/2010 : Submit poster
5/5/2010 : Poster exhibition
7/5/2010 : Submit hardcopy
8/5/2010 : Alhamdulillah.. date that I waiting for.. Graddddddd!!!


Then.. if this blog is not update within that time it's becoz I'm busy wif all those thing.. for da sake of my graduation from IIUM.. Pray for me pliss.. Hopefully I'll do da best for this semester.. To all my dear frend.. lets pray that we will always succeed.. ameen..

To myself: start doing ur report right now, no bloging2 anymore. no facebooking, chit-chat or what so ever.. ngee.. remember this is ur last sem.. lets perform well.. this is ur last chance.. make ur parents happy bcoz of u dear.. start study from now on.. pliss don't study for last min..

"Ya Allah, bukakanlah pintu hatiku sbgaimna org2 yg arif.Kurniakanlah kpdku kefahaman Nabi2 & ilham para malaikat yg hmpir dgn-Mu,dgn rahmatmu wahai Tuhan yg Maha Pemurah lg Maha Penyayang.. Ameen Ya Rabbul 'Alamin.."


Most Favor

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