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Assalamualaikum and very good evening to all of you out there..

It seems about few days this blog do not have any post.. In other word not updated..So the notable reason is 'I am little bit busy'.. hehehe.. anyway lots of things happen..of course.. But today I have no mood to do my works.. so better I do write something here.. Hm.. lets start wif my load of works..These whole week of course I'm doing my FYP.. Everyday i'm going to do lab..lab..lab.. huh..what a boring routine ha?? Oppss.. don't want to talk more about it.. What comes on my mind right now that I really2 hope for the remaining days all my work run smoothly.. InsyaAllah.. Hopefully there are no obstacles for me.. It's about one week left.. arrghh.. really??? Ok I need to survive and done my work on time.. Report?? hah?? Oh no.. seems not updated yet..So many works.. God pliss help me.. ! Ok enough2.. don't want talk about this anymore... Let's pray ok.. May I finish all da works within the duration given.. Amiiinn.. (",)

Next.. what to share wif you.. Ha.. it's about SPM results release few days ago.. Actually, I had 2 cousins that taken the SPM in 2009.. Both of them do quick ok I think.. They already tried their best during the exam.. Whatever they get is whatever they work.. So.. if in SPM 2008 Nik Normadihah is announced to be best student but this tyme excellent student goes to Gladys Tan Yee Kim from SMK Green Road,Kuching Sarawak.. Where is our younger brothers and sisters?? Lets think.. I'm worried if one day all Muslim brothers and sisters no longer listed for the next heir in the next generation.. So pliss wake up guys.. Don't loose hope and try ur best.. Anyway congrats to all SPM candidates for be able to get the results whatever it is.. For those who are not satisfied wif their result don't loose hope.. U can try and never give up.. u still have chance to change ur destiny.. The journey is more longer for u to explore..

Then.. talking bout this.. For my former secondary.. it's such an improvement I think because 12 students got straight A's.. Even it's not many as others skool.. but still can be proud of.. during my time only 2 students if I not mistaken that got straight A's.. So congrats to all my dearie sisters of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (P),Kangar, Perlis.. I'm proud to be ur senior.. Good jobs guys.. Let's maintain and improve ur success in the university level.. InsyaAllah.. Not forgotten to all teachers of SMKA(P) that never tired and I believed they done enough to ensure all the students success wif flying colors.. May Allah bless you teachers.. I'm proud to be one of 'Smkapian'.. The place where I learn so many precious things, knowledge bout dunya wal akhirah..and lots of experiences.. (Di sini serikandi di lahirkan.. di bumi wakaf ini..)

This sentence always in my mind and still remain there.. sob..sob.. really2 miss the moment at secondary school.. Thanx to all teachers dat's not bored to give us support, advices and also knowledge.. Without teachers I'm not able to be in what I am today.. really appreciate all of u.. thousands of thanx.. May Allah bless you.. (",)

Ok stop being emotional.. What's da atmosphere here..Such a bored post I think.. Let's I talk about my activities for today.. Ermm.. All IIUM's student already noticed that on 13 March 2010 which is today there is no electricity from 9.00 am till 9.00 pm..Owh what's going on.. We have lots of works.. Come on.. the due dates of assignment..project..mini project.. bla...bla.. bla.. is just around da corner.. final exam.. (antara2 luahan hati dak2 uia).. erm.. So..in conjuction wif this matter my frend and I hanging out instead stay at room.. (panas kot).. hehehe.. So what's up.. We went to 'picnic' sort of la.. at Alang Sedayu.. It's fun and wonderful activity actually..we spent time together.. we laugh.. we enjoy without think about anything else.. Sort of release our tension for fews hours.. it's really good for us.. I really enjoy it.. even i feel tired but it's fun and of course one of my memories during final year..

Dear reader.. suddenly I got cramp on my head.. so no idea to continue writing over here..hehehe.. just so sudden.. so beter stop now before this post become more bored and dull.. oh silly me.. till meet again.. xoxoxo..~

Wassalam.. (^-^)


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