8. hupdate

Just drop by to mumble without stop..(ish..ish).. talk..talk..talk.. (remind me to someone)..ngee..
Anyway don't have any idea to write over here.. Just want to express my 'poyo' feeling.. em..
lately ni I feel too emotional.. *sigh*.. Why I become so emo??? Actually during my secondary up to matriculation I admit that I'm a very10x sensitive person..But after day a day I started growing up simultaneously wif my brain and thought too of course.. I talk to myself don't be soo sensitive.. It's not good for urself.. Then since the 'things' happen I tried to change myself and learn to adapt wif frends around me that have variety attitude, appearance so on and so off..

Then, after day by day I start to be feelingless (as my frend say).. hahaha.. now i'm comfort wif my life, my style and myself.. (bersyukur seadanya).. Anyway.. there are lots of things that make me learn from the life experience and situation.. When I grow up the more complicated situation I face.. Actually.. it a phrase that I always heard.. 'the past life experiences, thought us the meaning of the life in the future..' It's true.. I guess u also learn from mistake right.. erm..

Actually lots of things I want to write in this blog.. but so sudden the idea already wash out from my mind..huhuhu.. however lots thing happen of course.. Right now my life as a final year student of IIUM become very busy maa.. Lots of things I need to settle down.. FYP..assignment.. mini project.. bla...bla... bla.. well it is sweet sour (taram je ek) of campus life.. I believe that i'm gonna miss this campus life after I graduate.. Wanna spend the remaining time in this 'Garden of knowledge & virtue' wif happily and cheerful.. IIUM is the only university that I loves..hahahaha.. funny right.. what ever hapen and what ever other people think I don't bother much la.. what I know I loves IIUM.. ngee..

Ok guys.. it's almost 4.00 am.. should light off.. tomorow need to start new thing, new life, new chapter and of course new experience in my life.. plus need to go the lab again and again until the end.. i'll never give up and fight till the end..chayok2.. daa.. Wassalam..(",)


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