31. Kelantan Darul Naim (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all valued readers out there..

How are u? Kaifa haluk? Hope all of u in the pink of health. Alhamdulillah praise to the Almighty Allah that give us chance to live one more day. May all of you and me too have a blissful and grateful for today and days ahead. May Allah bless us and always guide us in the right way as well as don't let us go astray from Islam.Insya-Allah. Erm..hmm.. what else.. last nite (early in da morning) i already post something in this blog. Actually just an expression of my feeling rite know. To be honest, i'm really2 woried, low self-esteem and little bit sad. I really don't know what Allah want to give and what the 'hikmah' behind all of dis..sigh..

Erm.. but rite now guess what??? I'm without sedar diri at KELANTAN DARUL NAIM..ngeh3.. actually all of dis happen so sudden. I had been noticed dat my dad have a work to do at Kelantan but he wanna go with his friend. So I'm not bother it much. It's common when my dad go for a work at another state (ala2 outstation gitu).. Suddenly, I had been told by my mom that 'we are going to Kelantan tomorow' .. ha???? i'm really shock about it but like3.. so i packed thing la kan. On monday went to my niece birthday party at Kulim and overnite at kulim (my sis house) and move to kelantan... and rite now I already at klate and check in at Temenggong Hotel about 4.00 pm. But my dad at Renaissance maa.. only my mom n me la at dis hotel. The condition of this hotel ok la. Facilities pun not too bad.

Ewah2.. sonang ati nampak siap g jejalan g ek.. hehehe.. actually xde la hepy sgt but sukeeeee.. just want to spend my free time with jalan2 before i'm getting busy..huhu.. gosh.. ok2.. since I at Kelantan lets talk about kelantan.. can?.. can la..since bosan lepak kat hotel while waiting for tomorow (for shoping for sure..) lets add our knowledge about KELANTAN DARUL NAIM..Here we goooooo.. (^_^)..

First of all.. let's see our map... where is Malaysia.. zoom2.. hope all of u can see.. (^_~)

then.. now we can see Malaysia clearly (hopefully).. so sudden remember my geog teacher.. always draw dis map.. ngeh3.. review form 1 few years ago..miss that tyme.. sob..sob..;(

jeng3...now zoom again (400x using microscope.. wakaka) teringat tgk cell bwh microscope.. siap kire bape cell yg idup..huhu.. ok2.. dis is Kelantan map la obviously not E.coli or what so ever..

finally..ok nape letak dis pic? hehe.. sbb first ni dataran yg sinonim ngn tourist yg dtg klate kan3.. btol x oghe klate oi.. pastu ni la first yg i nampak mse pusing2 nak cari hotel..

So.........since today is the first day I'm in Kelantan, not many la I can story mory kat u all.. Just a little bit an introduction about negeri cik siti wan kembang.. Here the fact about Kelantan..

KELANTAN is located at the north-east coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the south China Sea and covers a land area of 14,922 sq km. Its state capital, Kota Bharu, is a bustling town well connected to other major towns in Malaysia serves as the center for Kelantan's administrative and business activities. Kelantan is famed for its unique cultural diversity, white sandy beaches, waterfalls and lush tropical jungle.
(credit to Kelantan2u.blogspot.com)

Now.. what da next step..... just come and visit here.. Kelantan... ;) (wahai oghe2 klate credit la ke kawe ni dok promote klate doh jdinyo.. ;)) Ok guys that a few facts about Kelantan. If i was wrong you are please to correct me.. hehehe.. Nothing else to share yet.. Maybe if I have time and chance I'll update what are the activities about 3 days 2 nite here.. Insya-Allah with His willingness.. till we meet again in new post.. ;))
p/s: I tried my best to enjoy dis holiday blissfully and peacefully but somehow 'it' come to my mind again n again..

p/s/s: I'm totally worried but pretend to be 'good' and 'cool'.. waa best actress award to be.. i guess

p/s/s/s: try harder to kiv dat thing n enjoy the day come wif thankful to Allah.. at least have a chance to live and inhale fresh air day by day..

"Sesungguhnya saya memang merapu jep. huahuahua.. but bare in mind i'm worried is true..true..true.. ;p"

before i left one more thing.. bare in mind i'm not an English teacher. Just ignore the grammatical error.. 
peace no war..;))

Ma'assalamah wa ilalliqa'..


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