32. Kelantan (Part 2) :: Pasar Siti Khadijah::

Hi there.. Oppss peace upon you.. ;) Hopefully all of you out there in the good shape, condition and in the pink of health. Trillion thank to Allah s.w.t that given us chance to inhale fresh air, see the beauty of His creation and make used all of this properly. Ok la without further a due, let's us go straight to the point. 

Noticed that I wanna share with all of you my second day at Negeri Kelantan Darul Naim. Actually as I stated in my previous entry today just spend time with SHOPPING..weeeeeee.. wink2.. (^_~). Ok la now I wanna try to make less word and more picture. Bukan ape feel bored lak tgk tulisan jep..ngeh3.. try to make my post more effective and interesting.. ;p First trial.. let's view this..

1. Signage for sure.. hehehe..

2. This is view of the building.Yellow in colour..;))

3. Next capture lak.. level 1 of Pasar Siti Khadijah. Usually this level such a wet market that sell fishes, vegetables, meat, fruits and etc.

4. And now...... ha this is feveret floor which is sell lots of batik, caftan, tudung, songket, telekung and etc. Located in 3rd floor and lots of choices with acceptable price. so so la.. So guess la kan kat level mana I shopping.. hehehe..

Then2.. after about 6 hours spend precious time wif shopping i'm soooooooo tired ma.. seriously x tpu.. sgt penat berjalan plus bawak lots of things.. Maklumlah pegi sane just by 2 legs (jalan kaki la).. ngeh3.. Briefly la cite xmo details2.. I bought caftan, tudung as well as baju pasang. But guess how much money mengalir keluar? Gosh.. about RM 300 plus.. hukhuk.. but once in a while kan2.. beli baju raye siap2..hehehe.. bankrupt bank negara Malaysia arini.. ampun ye.. if I get the job later I'll treat my parents lak.. promise.. Feel sorry to my parents actually. Tapi nak wat cane.. not get any job yet.. ;((( sad3... so sadddd..

Ok la asyik nak put word jep byk2.. serius bosan kan3.. Now wanna tell about the hotel. My mom and I stay at Temenggong Hotel..

See3x.. tafadhal.. sile2 lihat inilah Hotel Temenggong. Located in Kota Bharu town. Seriously near with Pasar Siti Khadijah (that's why la we're walking jep). Best3x.. Kompem x bosan. Rase2 nak balik hotel leh je blk kejap. Ptg rse nak g lagi pun boleh.. yeay..;))

Ha ni plak map.. konon la kan.. nampak x dekat.. nampak2? hehe.. if not please wear goggle.. huahua.. (bese ar klu pic ni ehsan dr other website.. ampun). By the way, I ni jenis x rajin nak capture any pictures la.. So all da pic just belas ehsan dr mr. G.. thank mr G.. ;))

Wanna know about Temenggong Hotel? Ok can check at their website at www.kelantanhotels.net/. So if wanna know more details jgn malu jgn segan just click this website.. (^_^). Nak cite lebey2 nanti lots of words plak kan3.. For me this hotel is average in all aspects. Yang penting easy for us especially for those who are not posses own transports.You can go anywhere just by walking.. Like2.. hehehe..

Ok la things that's all what I wanna share wif you.. Hopefully this information will give benefit to all of you. Nothing much I guess but just a reading during your leisure time.. ;p (perasan budak ni.. sape nak bace tah). Whatever la.. Rite guys nothing to say. Till we meet again in new entry..Pen off.. Daaaaaa..~ ($_$)

Ma'assalamah wa ilalliqa'... (^_~)

"Suns delicious, rain is refreashing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating ; there is no such bad weather, only different kinds of good weather" 


Anonymous said…
thank you for your sharing, really help a lot for the first timer..
InsyaAllah will be there first time next year...
Little Caliph said…
most welcome. I'm glad that this post was contribute something for you. thanks dropping by. =)

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