33. Journey or Holiday

Assalamualaikum and Peace upon you..

Thank to Allah that still give us a chance one more day to see how beautiful and fascinating environment. Hopefully with the precious chance that given by Him, we will used it properly and thoroughly. Be a good servant to Him for sure, Prophet Muhammad and to our beloved parents. Insya-Allah.

Actually nothing much to say for this entry. Just wanna express my tiredness. Seriously i'm so tired and feel so exhausted after come back from Kelantan.. sigh.. But I feel good.. ;p. At least can take fresh air and different environment from state of mine..(serius rase english dah makin terokkkkkkk... waaa). What ever it is i still want to practice..practice..practice.. hehehe.. (practice make perfect).

Guess what.. I'm in KL rite now. ;] Gile kan..Unbelievable somehow.. Perlis - Kulim - Kelantan - Putrajaya - Kulim (maybe) - Perlis. Huahua.. What the perfect journey ha?? ;)) So tired actually but wanna spending my free time while i'm not working yet.. ngeh3..

Hm.. it is just an update little bit bout my current situations and conditions.. Don't want to put lots of words coz it might look uninteresting..kan3.. huhu..   Ok la till we meet again in new post.. Broke idea la.. hehehe.. Pen off..;))

Thank for reading
Take a good care..(^_~)

p/s: pssstttt i'm just change my layout.. so comment please.. 

p/s/s: nak wat blog cantik2 tapi nak wat cane i'm new commer and still learning in order to create more attractive and fascinating blog.. ajarkan boley..;))

Ma'assalamah wa ilalliqa' ;))


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