Tuesday, July 13, 2010

34. Home Sweet Home ;)

Finally.......... I'm home.. yeay..

 (home sweet home.. sekadar gambar hiasan..)

After about a week off for a holiday (sort of ) i'm home rite now. 

Really exhausted and tired. But somehow feel refreash.

I'm happy a little bit but not too much.. (suka berpada2).. ;))

Guess what.... Now lots of things waiting for me..ahahaha.

Wanna know? Let I do the list

1) Priority need to apply a job dgn bersungguh2. No play2 and no more malas2.. wink2.. (^_~) . Be more serious. It is an order for me from ME, ME and ME myself!!!!!!!!  (semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.. InsyaAllah.. aminkan plisssssss.. ;))

2) Renew lesen. It is MUST.. Even drive skali pon xpenah.. kuang2.. tpi kne la renew gak..kan2.. I got the big liscene actually. Before this 'P' jep.. lol..

3) Take new picture of mine. Pasport pic actually.. For what? Of course for many purposes.. Nak renew lesen la, apply keje, bla..bla.. bla..

4) Start thinking for a future and plan it properly. You MUST do it!!!!!!! kene3x buat and MESTI..MESTI..MESTI.. Wajib. Bile dah wajib xleh xwat..huhu..

** Ape yg diklasifikasikan sbg future? Some options..

a) further study or working?

b) if further in what field, which university is ur choice and when to start?

c) get married.. erm2.. sounds nice.. not so desperate but need to plan also.

** Nak tau answet for those options? 

a) For me: wanna work first as engineer about 5 years and get the SR. not sister but senior engineer. This is my ambition and goal actually. After that maybe keje ngn government or become a lecturer. Even lecturer is not my choice but as a Muslim women need to think thoroughly la kan2. Nak manage family lagi kan2.. Ape pun kite hanya merancang. Allah penentu segalanya. 

b) If wanna to further study I want to be involved in environment field maybe environmental engineering. Which uni erk? obviously not at my former uni. even I loves IIUM so much. hehehe.. maybe UPM.  Nape xnak uia eh? Sbbnye hanya dak2 biotech je yg tau..kan3 korang kan..hehehe.. biarlah rahsia. When to further? Ok la if I'm not getting any job after the convocation ceremony i'll further to study. InsyaAllah.  May Allah bless me.. ;))

c) Getting married? To be honest, before this i'm not totally think about this seriously. Just a min then just kiv and forget about it. Actually dlu mase zaman remaja n kanak2 ribena la kan, cita2 nak kawen ble dah dapat keje, ade salary, ade umah sebuah n kete sebijik..hehehe.. gle materialistik kan3..Sebenarnya bukan materialistic tapi just a protective method. To be safe enough if something happenin the married (nau'zubillah). But I say 'IF' la kan xdela sush sangt nak survive tuk hidup. But now,I just serah pada takdir. Nak ikut sunnah Rasulullah 25  pun ok gak getting married. Nak kene cari calon la dari sekarang..huhu.. Sape2 de nak suggest leh la inform me.. hehehe.. just kidding. May  Allah guide me.. InsyaAllah. ;]

So.. dari mana nak mula? Hrm... that's the problem. Inilah aku.. Seorang hamba Allah yang kadangkala tau merancang dan mempunyai cita-cita. Tetapi kadangkala ia tidak tahu dari mana harus bermula. Apa pun i'll start from today ahead what i'm planning. InsyaAllah. Semoga ini tidak sekadar tertulis di sini and not angan2 mat jenin. May all the dream come true. InsyaAllah. Semoga ianya menjadi satu realiti suatu hari nanti. Amen ya Rabbal 'Alamin..;)

That's all from me. Thanks for reading. May we get what we try. Do pray for us. InsyaAllah. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. Do take care. Bye2.. ;))

Ma'asalamah wa ilal liqa'

Thanks for reading. Take care (^_^)

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