44. What's The Issue.. ;D

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Evening Mate!

Alhamdulillah praise to the Almighty God that give us an opportunity once again in continuing our live with peacefully and harmony. Noted that Allah still loves us by giving us to proceed our daily routines. Conceivably as a humankind as well as a vicegerent we are done our duty towards Him as it should be, avoid all bad behavior and use this chance thoroughly. Insya-Allah. Today I'm in the mood of writing this post in English with the purpose of  civilizing my language possibly. Now we meet again in the new entry with new issues. So what's the issue?

In fact, today is a blissful and wonderful day for me. Owh today is not my birthday, not also my wedding day so on and so off. Guess what? The truth is I also don't know why I'm happy and joyful. Noted that, I still not get any good news about the jobs or my career..wuwuwu.. But still today I'm pleased and enjoyed writing over here in the superior mood.. ;D Alhamdulillah.. hehehe..

What makes me feel like this? Erm2... As I said before, I really don't know. I really do. Thanks God cause give me this kind of feeling right now. (stuck for a sec..huhu). Ok la the truth is a day before or in other word yesterday la.. I got an e-mail from my ex-final year project supervisor (owh bared in mind 'ex'.. huahua) asking about few questions about previous strain and chemicals. Then I answered it for sure seem he asked me a question kan. Not proper la if I not reply even he is just my ex-supervisor.huhu..

So.. guess what? As I feel before. Today he e-mail me again and presume what? OMG.. He told me to write a research paper in the format of journal.. hahahaaha.. as expected lorh. Truly said, few month ago, he already told me to do that. But the lazy me I don't bother and don't do even one word as well as ignoring his message.. (kejam dowh).. no manners at all.. huahuahua.. owh forgive me sir. And now!! what??


I wanna do it..hoho.. The vital reason is... wanna know?

I think I wanna keep it myself. It's ok with u guys? Hehe..

Seriously u wanna know?

Ok I'll tell u the reasons..

I know la who cares (u don't want to know pun kan..) wink2..

Still, I care ke u don't want to know? ;D

I tell know.. why I wanna do wholeheartedly? seriously I wanna do.. 


1) I want to do la of course.. ngee..

2) It's make my brain work again after all. (almost 3 months owh my brain take a vacation..dush.. corrosive da..hahaha.. ape la merepek je neh)

3) I don't have any jobs or things to do rite now. Since lepaking at home unintentionally (owh word apekah ni? ;p) baik la I do this writing kan..erk.. (rosak da English saya.. campur la plak.. anyway kate 1 Malaysia..heh).

4) Then... the crucial reason when I read this sentence.... 

"If the paper is accepted you will be awarded RM 400 inshallah"

 So that really catch my attention lorh.. ($_$).. hahaha.. sape xnak duit kan.. lgi2 jobless person cam I ni kan3.. sounds desperate ke ape weh.. dasar materialistik.. lol.. aah.. so means la.. hehehe..

Owh what ever it is..Frankly speaking I wanna do it wholeheartedly of course not only for a money la. If you noticed the sentence says 'IF' ok .. Mind 'IF accepted'.. So not warrant that the paper I will write will be accepted maa. Therefore, what ever it is I try my best and give full strength to finish it up till the end. Of course with His will la. Insya-Allah..

So my dearies self.. please set up ur 'niat' and intention properly la.. Don't goal for a money but goal for an experience as well as be sincere enough lorh.. wuwuwu.. insaf.. ;(

But.. truly hope for the best lorh.. ;)) So do pray for me guys.. I need ur prayers.. ;)

That's it la actually I wanna tell u about the issue. Even though it's not noteworthy pun kan..;)

Since sharing is caring.. I post je la what I'm feel rite now..

Till we meet again ya..~

Thanks for reading..
Take Care.. (^_~)..

p/s: ok la start busy2 urself la pasni.. setup ur goal again.. renew it.. make it lillahita'ala.. ;)

p/s: sorry guys this post cam rojak buah.. first part jep semangat nak tulis dalam English.. last2 bercampur dowh.. x kesah la kan.. yg penting cuba.. ;p (penat da pk word2 baru.. hehehe)

p/s: do pray for me.. eh2.. this post sesaje je nak kongsi.. not for menunjuk2 or what so ever.. correct me if i'm wrong k.. chill.. ;D

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'.. ;) 


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