75. My Alma Mater

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Mates..!

Ahlan Wa Sahlan..!

Hi guys..?! How are you today..? Hopefully all of you are in the pink of health. Here I am again and again. Peace no war. hoho. How's your faith today..? As I am, as a vicegerent, sometimes I do admit that my Faith full of lots up and down. What an ashamed oh. huhu. So sad. )':  Ahhhh whatever it is, trying harder and hardest to attempt the good quality one. Really hope so. Amin2.

As we notice, two days more the new year of 2011 will be commencing. OMG..! Really don't know how to express my hopes for this coming New Year. New year, new chapter, new spirit, new life, new ambience, new courage, new etc. etc. etc. wawawa so many new la. So guys, what are your new goals to attempt for..?! As I am still don't have any. hahahaha, tragic and pathetic of me. Please say sorry to hear that. Rite..?! Oh silly ramblings just started now. Hahahaha. Just pretend to be understood what I am talking about.


Let's see what I am gonna says about the topic today. Alma mater. Hmmm... do you remember your alma mater peeps...?! I think most all of us never forget their alma mater or else your school that you graduated from. Actually, I don't know why I raise this topic for this entry. The truth is, few days back, I had accidentally watched my convocation day's DVD. Oh the worst ever DVD that I had watch. What a shame ha..?! Oh I don't want to explain it in details. Just want to state 'WORST CAPTURED'!!! Really mean it. For the  noteworthy party please please and please take note this..! Please aware okay..! Ensure next time there are no such a silly mistakes like I had gone through for the past convocation.Grrrrrrr.. So angry and really regret. Ouch.. drop this topic now. Don't want to spoil my mood. Peace no war.. (my new tagline.. cam best..!)


You should perceive which Alma mater I come from rite..?! I already stated at the right corner of my blog. Do conscious or not..?! Whatever la. Of course la I graduate from my beloved IIUM-The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue. (Taman Ilmu dan Budi). IQRA'..! Oh just notice this mission on the day of my convo. hahaha. Instead of IIICE mission, I just discover new goal they are trying to cultivate among IIUM's student from now on- IQRA'. Good2..! So what to tell about IIUM..?! Do you want me to copy paste or want to click the link given to read by you..?! (eh both of them still need you to read rite..?!) So nothing different either copy paste or click the link. Let's me write little bit about my alma mater. Oh excited plak. ngeh3.

The fact not and auta..!

The IIUM offers students a unique opportunity for academic excellence and individual growth. The university is committed to a rigourous, comprehensive approach to higher learning. IIUM regards knowledge as a trust from Allah to be utilised, in accordance with His guidance, for the benefit of human life. Thus, the university honours intellectual enquiry, considering the quest knowledge to be an act of worship. By integrating sources of revealed knowledge with an arts and sciences curriculum the university contributes both to the enrichment of the intellectual tradition and the advancement of the individual and the society. 

Fuhhhh.. such a fatigued fact lorh. Continue by clicking this official website mates..! hahaha. HERE YOU GO..!!! (:

Let the pictures give a bit explanations..perhaps..! (:

IIUM a.k.a UIAM Kampus Gombak

Admin Building - IIUM Terchenta.. wiwiwit..(:

Bulatan IQRA'- depan Library maa....

Masjid SHAH - oh xingat la plak apa nama penuh dia.. ;p

Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) - dewan aku exam + konvo weh.. :)

Now, let moves on into my own experiences, my own thoughts and ideas, personal persuasion, personal opinion, the valuable conceive feelings etc. etc. etc. about my Alma mater. Seem my tongue already terribly cramp by speaking English (in fact just writing) all the time, now I wish I can switch the using of language into Bahasa. hehehehe.

Serious panjang gile post aku kali ni. Tapi tak pe aku tetap xkesah (uh ayat standard lg). In fact aku rindu gla kat UIA. Eh bukan..! life aku kat UIA sebenarnya. ngeh3. Weh aku xtipu oh. Bagi aku UIA such a perfect place dan sangat sesuai dgn jiwa aku. Maybe aku dah biasa dengan suasana Islamic environment so that aku rasa kat UIA ni xdela terok sgt students dia. Tapi aku xckp plak student UIA ni baik2 and alim2 belaka. No and not..! Biasalah mana-mana pun pasti ada remaja or student U yg tersilap langkah. Tapi aku xnak ckp pasal tu pun. Cuma aku doakan mereka-mereka yg tersalah langkah kembali ke jalan yg lurus.Amin.. (: 

Sometimes, pernah gak terdetik kat hati aku, best betol kalau dapat belaja kat oversea. Rasa pride and greatness abes la kan. (xbaik oh riak dan takabbur. Tuhan marah.hehehe..) Tapi xpela, as I wish UIA pon okay apa. The valuable degree's and the worthful certificates gak aku rasa. Apa pun aku tetap rindu UIA, syg UIA (hahaha statement xbole bla) and really2 appreciate the moments that I left behind almost 6 months ago. 


It's really precious. The hectic and feverish life in the campus, wake up early in the morning, rushing to the class, staying up finishing all the assignments, discussed the mini project together, struggling all the time to answer 2 short question je pon tuk quiz hahahaha.. hanging out with bff (best friend forever ok not boyfriend!!) to release all those tension2 things, hate and love friendships, up side and down side moment (part dapat result..!), the very2 unforgettable things of course FYP aka final year project. Bole gila beb fyp punya pasal. But all those things that make me really2 appreciate campus life yg scary mary (suka hati ko je ye). hahaha..~

In fact, semua tu adalah untuk aku dan kamu lebih cekal, tabah, kuat dan lebih matang dalam meneruskan hidup seterusnya. Am I right..?! Ye aku rasa kehidupan Uni memang sangat2 mencabar. Segala benda kena buat sendiri. If kalau kita tak pandai nak disiplin diri, mungkin kita akan jatuh tersungkur. Tapi ingatlah kawan..! Andai kamu rebah dalam meneruskan perjuangan, jangan sesekali kamu mengalah. bangunlah kamu dan teruskan langkah kakimu kerana kau tidak pernah akan kalah sekiranya engkau sedar kerana engkau adalah mujahid muda...! Fuhhh.. 

So untuk adik-adik yg masih bergelar student xkira la sekolah ke, kolej ke, U ke ape2 je la hargailah kehidupan anda sekarang kerana kau pasti akan merinduinya kelak -Pesanan penaja ini di petik dari petikan Minister of Higher Learning Uzbekistan.lol..~ :D

Aku rasa post aku sangat2 mengarut gile. hahaha. Sekadar meluahkan rasa rindu pada UIAM terchenta. hohoho..~ xbole blah oh. Oh whatever it is I really2 loves IIUM damn much. hahahaha..~

Aku sebenarnya nak cita gak Alma mater aku yg before ni. Tapi since post ni dah panjang btol aku rasa better lain kali la. Mungkin di lain entry or mungkin hanya dalam hati aku. hehehe. Whatever it is aku sangat menghargai semuanya. Permulaan di Taski ABIM, SKO, SMKA(P), MCIIUM and finally IIUM just for a time being. Tak taula kalau pas ni dapat hidayah nak sambung Master maybe akan ada lagi Alma mater aku ni. wewit..~

Perkongsian terakhir aku untuk post ni aku nak quote ni dan sama-samalah kita renungkan.

Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa,
Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta,
Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara,
Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia,
Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara,
Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka,
Jika hari ini siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa,
Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa,
Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca.

Tanpa guru siapalah kita, tidak adalah Alma mater, tidak wujudlah segala kenangan. Hanya Allah sahaja yang mampu membalas jasa kalian. Semoga diberkati-Nya. Tributes to all my lovely teachers from I am young until now. TERIMA KASIH GURU..! 

Thanks for reading..
Take care.. (^.^)

p/s: quote tu aku masih ingat mural kat dinding sek aku dulu..
sekarang aku xpasti ada lagi or tak.

p/s: congrats to team Malaysia sbb menang piala AFF semalam
Syabas dan tahniah..!!

p/s: Mind that I'm not so good in English
please ignore the grammatical error so on and so off.

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'..:)


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