69. Corat - Coret

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Mates..!


Hi peeps..! How do you do..?

Hopefully everything goes well.

I did post something too expressive and sort of wasteful post last week rite.. so please ignore..!

After all.. I do recover a little bit.. Alhamdulillah.

Days ahead hopefully will be fully recovered.


What's else need to update here..?!


I just arrived home sweet home a.k.a rumah manis rumah.. yesterday.

I went to Putrajaya again for a few days and transit Kulim for a nite.


Here I now...... on my own bed and in my own room.

Rite now I feel better from yesterday

Gain new spirit, built new hopes and will try to be patience enough.

because this is called life...

full lots of misery, mystery, happiness, up and down side etc.

it depends on us how to lead our life.

Kind lots of stuffs and life story need to update actually.

But seem mood is not in a good condition and idea is not in the order structure

so maybe next time I'll be more organized person perhaps..!

My dearie Peeps..!

It's look like my sentences and words become more and more terrible..

yup I realize it.

because I'm not in a good mood to update

still here

because I start to feel bored with nothing to do

just drop by here to full the emptiness of life..


Okay readers..!

before this post become rubbish and none stop ramblings

i should end this post rite now.

Till we meet again.

Ma'asalamah wa ilal liqa'.. :)


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