79. That Is Called F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers..!


Here we meet again in this new entry. How do you do guys..?! Hopefully, everything goes as we planned. (:

Actually, I want to post something that dedicated to all my friends out there. Here we go..!

Dear my valued friends..!

This post I write to all of you that declared as my friends.

It has been almost 6 months or half year we are apart after we already go through all the hardships, all the happiest moments, all the saddest and sorrow part, and all the hectic and feverish campus life together.

Now, I really wanted so much to write something for you guys.

I would like to say that I am so sorry..

Sorry for not trying my very best and all it takes to be a good friend,
Sorry for all my wrongdoings...
Sorry for all my bad words...
Sorry for being such a jerk..
Sorry for being so damn egoistic..
Sorry for not being understanding..
Sorry for not having such strength to tell all of you that how much I love and care for you guys..
Sorry for not being able to seek for your forgiveness when I'm wrong...
Sorry for being so childish and immature...
Sorry for what you get for letting my heart wins...
Sorry for not being honest sometimes....
Sorry for all the misunderstandings and doubts that I have for you guys..
and the list goes on..

And I would to say..

Thank you..

Thank you for taking care of me when I'm not feeling well...
Thank you for helping me with my studies..
Thank you for cheering me up with all the fun and silly jokes..
Thank you for being so understanding..
Thank you for showing so much care and motivations..
Thank you for teaching me lessons in my every day life..
Thank you for accepting me the way I am..
Thank you for waking me up when I'm late for class and Subuh prayer..
Thank for your never-ending supports..
Thank for trying so hard to understand me..
Thank you for the fact that you guys are so nice and lovely persons deep inside..

And above all, thank you so much for being such a family to me...

Now on, I’ll always hope and wish all of you that..

Have a wonderful and blissful for days ahead..
Have achieve what you wish for..
Have a successful carrier in your life..
Have found your exquisite soul mates..
Have a good health loyal to you..
Have HIS blessings that will guide you all the way..
Have IMAN that will always increase in you day after day..
Have LUCK that will never leave you..

And may all your wishes and dreams come true..

Just remember that you're not alone and you guys have me if you need anything.

Once again, I'm sorry because sometimes I just don’t have much gut to show my love and care for you but believe me that I never stop praying for each of you in my prayers.

Hopefully, for those of you that,

Never forget me,
Almost forget me,
Already forget me,
Have done with me,
Have nothing to do with me,
And never want to get know what happen to me after this,
I don’t need or expect much from you guys..
Just remember me in every your prayers.
That’s all..
And that’s enough for me.
If you could,
Please pray for me to be strong enough to move on in my life,
To built up again my hope and trust,
To ramped up all the matters about life,
To render all the shattered heart,
To not giving up for my life,
And to have courage to attempt anything,
As well to get a suitable job perhaps.

Thank you guys, thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend for me from 6 years back… :’)

Sorry for everything.
Hope to see you again… =.=

Friendship forever..

Lot of love..

This is something that I want to express in front of you but I don't have guts to do so. Lets the word do favour for me guys.. huhu. 
Thanks for readings..
Take care.. (^.^)

p/s: I do post this in the fb and done tagging..!
for those who are not tagged it's doesn't mean you're not my friend
but I wonder do you wanna be my friends..?

p/s: if yes, feel free to tag  yourself.
there's no harm and no shame.
it's okay for me then..!

p/s: this words also not only for my Uni friends..
also for you guys friends in school back..!
you're the best ever act..!!!

p/s: this words is come from my bottom of my heart..
nothing to do with others.. 
peace no war..(:

p/s: waaa depress okay, can't upload pic..!

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'.. :)


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