104. Dilemma

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers...!


Kaifa ahwal ya asdiqai..? Hopefully all of you are in the pink of health. Due to the title of this entry : DILEMMA. Seriously, I in the dilemma situation. OMG...! May Allah guide me all the way. Amin.. So guess what..?! Naaa.. nothing grievous actually. Before all of you think hardly let's me explain the situation occur. =.=

I had read this advertisement accidentally.

Halal Industry Research Centre is going to start it's First Halal Executive programme this coming Mei 2011.
The programme is to be held on campus. The details are as follows:

Name: Halal Executive Programme
Venue: IIUM Campus
Interview: 22/4/2011 at Halal Centre, Ground Floor E0 (Near to Education Cafe)

Training package:
RM 500 allowance is to be given to the participants
3 mth class room training (Office hour)
3 mth industrial training
Training provider: Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC)-
Graduation upon completion

Open for: Malaysian students who are graduating/ Fresh graduates who are interested. (Undergrad/postgrad)

Interested candidates please come for the interview at the Halal Centre.
Kindly give your names and contact number as soon as possible to Dr. Noriah via email at noriahr@iium.edu.my

To be honest this is quite interesting okay..! For me, I tend to join this training instead of jobless or nothing to do rite now. But, what make me in the dilemma is...... I just come back from KL few days back..! Waaa... It's quite exhausted to go to KL again and again. >.< 

confuse... +.+

Half of my heart tell me to go, another pieces of my thought tell me don't go. Arghhh..! What to do..?! Go or not to go. Go or not. (main baling dadu aci tak..?!!). Huhu. It's make me quandary after all.

But then, I give a thought again and again. If I put some effort by attending the interview there is no harm after all. Rite...?! Please say YES..!! hehehe. Who knows, my livelihood and luck at this training programme. So, why don't you try it. Just trying attending the interview first. After all, I still have time to rethink again to accept or not if I will be selected. =.='


Do pray for me okay..! Maybe tomorrow I will go to KL again, trying harder looking for a job even this is just training. Who knows, there are promises jobs available for me there. Just hope for the best..! Yeah..! May Allah make it easy. Aminn..! :)

Okay peeps..! Nothing else. Till we meet again. So, who are interested to attend this interview you are most welcome. Grabs this opportunity given. Do contact person in charge for further inquiry. Thank You. Hahaha.. I'm not a promoter. Just sharing the info with you guys.! That's it. Salam 1 Malaysia..! >.<

Thanks for reading,
Take care... (^.^)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


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