101. Ignorance is Bliss... Benarkah Begitu..?

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Day Readers...!


Salam juang buat semua. It's really been too long since my last post that I write in English. It seem my English is very terrible and dreadful day after day. Since that, today for this post I want to update this entry in English. Hopefully it make senses even it might cause you feel such a nuisance- bothersome annoying post maybe, or it might be you feel vertiginous, or vomit already by reading this severe post of mine. Then you feel free to press Alt + F4 or else just click your mouse on the X red button above. hehe.. Peace no war.. :D


Before this entry I already stated that I want to try write such a valuable information and sharing, then here we go. So whats the matter arise..! Hrmm.. think and think again. Lets I write this thing first.


Once upon a time, there was a girl. She is always reminding her mind, told to her heart and keep asking her feeling being an ignorance person in a small matter. Don't bother so much about what people think bad about her, never feel diminished in unexpected comments, people thought so on and so off. For her sometimes, ignorance is bliss. She can continue her life with hearts ease, serenity and peacefully. Be simple person and don't make life tough to move on. She keep trying harder in order to survive actually. The past experiences during matriculation period and those early year during undergraduate give lots of  lessons in every day life forced her to do so.

Finally, she did it successfully. Day after day she become more tougher person compared to before which is very sensitive and soft-hearted person. There was some of her so-called friends also feel like she already change a lot. Totally become ignorance person in EVERYTHING. So, did she feel happy with that..?! She even don't know herself. But she feel comfortable being like that. However, one day that almost enter her graduation phase from being a student, afterthought and reconsideration  about her choice previously made, she felt and discover that for some matter ignorance is not good at all. There are something need to take note, need to watch over and observe thoroughly. 

Then, she try to split up and separate the things that should be ignore and the things should be take note severely. Which part is important and which part need to ignore. For her, by doing those kind of feeling is just for A REASON. The reason is about to avoid her heart hurt and to protect or kept her heart in a good condition or else MENJAGA HATI SENDIRI. 

But then, she forgot one thing..! In Islam, we can't being such a person. Because, for a Muslim, being ignorance and neglected to his or her relatives, brothers and sisters in Islam will cause our faith is incomplete . Its stated in Al-Hadith.


What to share...?!
Actually, I want to HIGHLIGHT there is one Hadith that state that, 

Dari Abu Hamzah, Anas bin Malik R.A, pelayan Rasulullah SAW, dari Nabi SAW, beliau bersabda: “Tidak beriman seseorang di antara kamu sehingga dia mencintai  saudaranya (sesama muslim) seperti dia mencintai dirinya sendiri. ”

So..! Don't be so ignorance peeps..! Because without get knowing our friends' problems, their adversity, hardship,  rigorousness, grimness so on and so off make us hard to be a good Muslim.

Whats the matter if we can make people around us happy even we get hurting instead of being so cruel and savage person...?! Which one we want to seek...?! Is Allah's pleased or human pleased..?! 

YES..! Its very hard to practice in our daily life right..?! We eager to kept our heart win without knowing others' feel. We attempt to full our desires and hopes without think others as well. That's why HONEST is very important in everything we do.

Whatever it is, this post just want to REMIND ME..! Don't be so ignorance to others. 

Instead of hoping the good friend why not we first become a good friend to others..!

That's it mates..!

I don't know you can even understand the lessons from this entry or not. Since, I told you before that my English is badly terrible. =.=" I hope you do mates..!

So, from now on, I want to try being a good slave, practice what Islam is in everyday life. Hope tomorrow is better than today. Insya-Allah. :)

Muhasabah diri... :')

Thanks for reading,
Take care... (^.^)

p/s: antara redha Allah dan redha manusia mana satu pilihan kita..?
mungkin di sini kita sedih, sakit hati, tetapi jangan lupa Allah itu maha Adil, DIA tidak tidur di atas sana. Segala titis air mata kita, keluh kesah serta niat kita DIA maha TAHU. Jadi betulkan niat dalam melakukan sesuatu kerana Allah. IKHLAS. 

p/s: kenapa tiba-tiba post entri ni??
sbb ada sesuatu mengganggu hati dan fikiran saya sekarang.
semoga segalanya baik-baik sahaja.
Do pray guys..! Allah knows best..!!!! Absolutely..! :')

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


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