114. Wish me luck.. :)

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates...!


Dah lama rasanya blog tak di'update' atas beberapa sebab. Lately ni agak sibuk sikit dengan kelas, assignments, project, presentations and many more. Actually, this coming Monday, I need to sit an examination after attending almost 3 months class. Wow..! I think it's nothing new rite. In order to ensure our understanding we just can test our brain by doing an examination. However, as usual, debaran tetap berada di situ. Biarpun para trainers cakap soalan senang saja, but still, mesti la nak buat yang terbaik kan.

Hm, biarpun agak sibuk untuk revision (rasa macam tak start pun lagi), terasa nak passing by here since dah lama tak update. Of course in few weeks back, lots of things happened. But, I forgot already seems it does not important to tell over here. What's make me does not begin with revision yet, because I'm busy preparing slide presentation for next Tuesday. Aaaa.. this part really make me more nervous after all. It's an individual presentation actually. Everyone was given a different topic for the presentataion and will be present in 15 minutes time. Even, there are lots of presentation done during this training, nervousness still there and I really can't alleviate it. Hohoho. The time is killing me after all.


This is short update since lots of things are need to be entertain after this. Just passed by for a 5 minutes rest instead of sleeping. Hehehe. So,pray for me guys. May I can give all afford in those two important event for next week, exam and individual presentation. Wish me luck..! :) :) :)

Ya Allah,
Jika rezeki masih di langit turunkanlah,
Jika rezeki masih di bumi keluarkanlah,
Jika sukar, permudahkanlah,
Jika haram, sucikanlah,
Jika jauh, dekatkanlah.

Ya Allah,
permudahkanlah, permudahkanlah, permudahkanlah.

Amenn. :')

That's all peeps. Till we meet again. Hidup baik- baik semua. Salam juang buat semua sahabat-sahabat. All the best in whatever you do. Ma'an najah bittaufiq. :)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


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