127. Everything Leaves A Mark!

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates...!


How are you doing peeps! Seriously it's too long since the last post that I'm not using English. To be honest, I'm not so good in English. That's why I feel more confident keep updating in Bahasa. Furthermore, Malay is my mother's tongue. So, I feel free to express everything in Bahasa.


Nothing much to update right now. But, I noticed that couple of my entries is all about heartfelt. Hohoho.. I don't know what happen to me few days back. I think it's normal right. Everybody will face all those kind of feeling. Sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we will be at the bottom. The different is how we handle it. If we manage to control ourselves, Insya-Allah everything will be ok. We will try to accept everything as they are. 

Hmm, still this entry I wanna share something that related to what is going in my mind. Skepticism..! Yes I am.! I really feel uncertainty about something. But, I'm so sorry guys, I couldn't share with you what I am thinking right now. It's too personal. I really need a friend to talk to. But who? Anybody wanna share it with me? Sigh.. It's really make me confuse more and more. Everybody busy with her own business, life and works. Seriously, I miss the moment during matriculation. Eventhough, during that time, lots of pain but I have lots of friend that really nice and honest. I missed it so damn much! :(


If you accidentally read this entry, I want all of you know that I miss you all, miss all the moment during we are together. I really miss.



I can't deny it anymore. I couldn't lie to myself that I really miss you. Miss the moment we are together. I really do. To tell YOU that everything leaves a mark inside me. T.T

It's weird. I swear.! It's commence few days back. And it's because of YOU. YOU start again and again. I wanna ask, why? and what for? 

And to YOU,

If you read this, but confirm not. Just pretend that you read. Please don't you make me feel so skepticism. I told you that EVERYTHING LEAVES A MARK! Just be honest to me. What do you feel right now. I don't want to live in uncertainty anymore. Don't you dare to start all over again if you just wanna play with me. Honestly, I'm being confuse about me. Really.

Dear Little Caliph,

You had been awakened that whole night, crying your lungs out for the biggest fear of yours that you had to face finally. You thought that it was at the end of the world, but kept wondering how you could still be living at the moment. It was heart wrenching, you feel like stabbing your chest for the pain might ease then. But you don't, simply because you still had your sanity, bearing patience from your inner soul. Thus, the least you could do at this crucial moment was spilling the beans to the wall--even that would be pathetic, pretending somebody was there, listening intensely to your melody of grief. =.="

It's end already. Pull stop.! Enough say and it should be better.

Thanks for reading,
Take care... (^.^)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


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