128. Everything Happens For A Reason =)

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Readers...!


Hi there.! How are you doing today? Hopefully everything goes well as you planned. Hmm.. sejak dua menjak ni hati terasa kurang senang. Semakin cuba mencari sebuah ketenangan semakin rasa jauh. Semakin cuba semakin susah. Or, just me feel like that. Sigh..! I don't know.


Everything happens for a reason. A statement that 10 years old child know about it, I guess. Nothing else we can do except we need to accept it wholeheartedly. Or else, you might be in trouble. Your inner will whisper you to do this and that without think wisely. Seriously, I'm in pain. But, in front of my colleagues I pretend as nothing happens and I'm happy.

Wohaa..! Whats the matter. I need to console by myself. But, How? Actually, it's depend on our inner soul. If we are strong enough we manage to alleviate and allayed the grief. If not, in any way we try, it wouldn't work. And again, it's your choice either you want to be happy or not. Hmmm.. =( 

Last week, my parents drive all the way from Perlis to Kl. They attended the wedding ceremony of my cousin. Met them, I feel so blessed. It is truth. Nobody can solaced your heart. But, your parents can do it..! Amaze..! Even I didn't tell them anything, just met them and spend time with them is enough. Because, I believe in them, they are truly honest and their love very pure. Nothing can't beat them even your siblings, your friends or your loves one. Nope..! No one. I missed them in every heartbeat. I love them very much. I really do. ='(

Now, I started to worry about my future. I know, everybody's hopes and destiny is written already by Him. As a human beings, the persistent mental uneasiness still there. =| Again and again I don't know how to console my heart.


Lets learn how to be patience, lets learn how to accept your fate honestly, lets learn the sincerity in everyday life, lets learn to be thankful to God in whatever condition, lets learn to understand others even you are not, lets learn love and care even though you is in painful, lets learn to loyal even lots of temptation surround you, lets learn and learn. In this life, we are all learner. In everyday life we learn everything, we gain something. From the mistakes, we acquire the experience as a guidance in our journey of life.

Lets start from now on. Jangan hanya tertulis di sini sahaja. Lets begin now. =.=

Okay then, I will try to learn in everyday life. Lets bygone be bygone. Put your trust in Allah. Allah knows better than us. We even don't know what will happen in the future. Because we are the traveler on this earth and our exploration only stop during the day of apocalypse. Allah..! 

O Lord, forgive me if I'm not strong enough. I don't mean to vent on my life, indeed I'm so thankful to You because You give me lots of opportunity in this world, You give me a lovely parents, siblings, friends and most important that You give me another day to breath on this world. Thank You Allah.! =') 


Today, I really want to change. I'll try to accept the things as they are. Insya-Allah. Pray for me guys. I hope to have bright future. Ameen. Just smile and smile. Wipe off your tears, tilt your head and move on your life. You can't imagine what will you face in the future but you still have your hopes and trust in Him. He will not give on what you want, but He will give on what you need. Remember that, He always be with you until the last breath. (^.^). 


That's it mates. Allahu yassir wala tu'assir. =)

Thanks for reading,
Take care... (^.^)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


Syaheera My said…
Salam...Im, bagusnya..im guna bi..mesti da byk improve...kte pun nk buat satu label utk bi la..latih supaya biasa guna bi nnt..sgt kagum!
Little Caliph said…
salam.. sy biasa je. bi xpandai sangat pun tapi saje cuba2 je sbb dah lame xguna bi ni.hehe. boleh2.. bi boleh tarik org yg xfaham bm bace post syeera nanti. entry syera sume best2. :)
abyadh said…
be strong girl!!! Allah always gives the best for His Servant. That is the fact the we can't deny!!! :))
Little Caliph said…
thanks for your words..! Appreciate it. Insya-Allah, I'll try it. :)
Anonymous said…
"Lets bygone be bygone"---think of future..appreciate every single second in your life
Little Caliph said…
thanks..! insya-Allah. =)

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