129. Its Already One and Half Months Comleted! Alhamdulillah :)

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates..!


Update blog again. :)

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty Allah. Because of Him, we still have a chance to live in this world for one more day. How are you doing? May Allah bless us all. Barakallahu fik. :)


Alhamdulillah, again thank you Allah for everything. Actually, last Friday was the last day for me and my partner in the Analytical Biochemistry Lab. Its mean, one and half months already, we were completed our practical training at TPM Biotech. Alhamdulillah. After this, we need to change lab to Molecular Lab. ;0

In the past days, during in the Analytical Biochemistry Lab, I had been exposed to the proximate analysis, heavy metal analysis using ICP-MS and total sugar analysis by using HPLC. Instead of HPLC, we had been introduced to HPLC-DAD. Its a new things in my life. We also had been given the oppurtunity to hands on HPLC-DAD. HPLC-DAD is stands for High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode Array Detection. The function of this machine is for phytochemical screening. If we want to determine the compound such as tongkat ali, kacip fatimah or misai kucing, we are need to screen by using this equipment. Currently, we run this equipment to determine ferulic acid compound. Its very interesting actually.

However, the most task we had done was proximate analysis. What is proximate analysis? Basically, proximate analysis is a technique that separates and identifies categories of compounds in a mixture; reported are moisture and ash content, the extracts of the mixture made with alcohol, petroleum ether, water, hydrochloric acid and resins, starches, reducing sugars, proteins, fats, esters, free acids, and so on. 

What for proximate analysis? Okay, actually, proximate analysis is to determine the nutritional value for food such as content of protein, content of fibre, total sugar, moisture, content of ash and fat content. Usually, this analysis is based on customer demand. What they want to test for their food sample. To make it simple understanding, if we noticed that every food that we buy has their own nutritional value right. So, the percentage of those value was determined in the lab like what we done. :)

Here an example..:)

So, to be honest I really enjoyed working in this lab. It's not too busy. If we don't have any sample test, we have free time, sometimes we do the inventory, S.O.P and for sure update the report. Its normal if you do the practical you need to write a report. That parts.... hmmm so boring. Sorry to tell ;D


Do you wonder what's related to HALAL? Since the training is under HALAL. hohoho. First thing first, I want you to be clear of one thing. Don't forget about the ayat that I mentioned before in the previous post about it. Surah Al-Baqarah verse 168. Do you remember?

It that verse told us to eat HALALAN TOYYIBAN food. So, this lab is actually for TOYYIBAN part or else wholesome. Halal can't be separated from toyyiban. If the food is Halal, but not wholesome it may lead to unhealthy food and may cause harmful to human. Thus, it's not consider as Halal food. See.. Allah is so Merciful. Islam is very particular about this because, we are what we eat. Everything that we take will be part of our flesh and blood. Subhanallah.

In addition, my supervisor always remind us want thing. For him, efficacy is one of the halal food. Wondering why? Because, from his point of view, if a product not efficacy, it is consider as lying to the customer. So, lying also prohibited in Islam right. Thats why he said so. Let's me give an example what he means. It is like this:

Do you familiar about Tongkat Ali drink, Kacip Fatimah, Misai Kucing and many more?. I bet you familiar with those drinks. Even you didn't drink it but you noticed the existing of this product right? So, as a consumer, of course you believe that those drinks contained Tongkat Ali herbs, Kacip Fatimah, and all those compounds. It can give you additional value in your diet, so you don't mind to buy it in high price for your healthy. But, bear in mind..! If the manufacturer wants to cheat you, they can. How? If they claims that drinks have all these things without undergo the analysis who will know? No one know right? Include me. Until my supervisor said so, I start to think. That's true. Thats why he said that efficacy of a product is important. If they claims their products have 99% tongkat ali, it must be there 99%. If not, it is consider as a cheating. Lebih baik beli kopi biasa harga RM1 ++ instead beli kopi tongkat ali RM3 ++ tapi sebenarnya tak de tongkat ali pun dalam tu. Hmmm.. think! :)


Tomorrow, my new journey will commence in the new lab, new environment and new things. Hopefully I can cope all the knowledge there. To be honest, I fell nervous. It is because we will expose to the molecular which is DNA. Woha..! DNA..?! Grrr... scary. During my undergrad I never hands on or deal with those analysis. My final project also not related to molecular. And from tomorrow and for another one and half month I will deal with it. hohoho. Nervousness caught after me. ;| However, I'm glad that I have an opportunity to expose to this things. Perhaps, may Allah gives me strength to deal with DNA. Ameen.. :)

So lets pray for me guys. May Allah make it easy for our life in everything we do. The most important thing is our intention. Lets renew it, in whatever we do is for the sake of ibadah, for our ummah and for our religion. Insya-Allah. Reminder for me.! :)


I think it is enough for this entry. Hopefully everything will be okay for tomorrow and ahead. Ameen. Till we meet again in next entry with HIS wills. Pen off.~ :)

Thanks for reading,
Take care...(^.^)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'...:)


tongkatpower said…
This is one of the best blogs i read here online.nice and informative.more power and keep it up.


Tongkat Ali
Little Caliph said…
Many thanks for the compliment. Hopefully, this might be informative to others as well. Thanks for dropping by. =)

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