134. Be Your Best Self

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Readers...!


How are you? Kaifa ahwal ya zamili? Nothing to update but there is a thing to write.

Hmm.. its almost a month plus. It was started moving down. Don't know why. Nothing to motivate.Allahuakbar!

Here some stories...

A person who is waiting for the bright future, worried so much because its seems hard to see. There is no light. Somehow, a person feel like giving up in everything. But, somehow, a person realize there must be something good waiting for. Just need some patient and put some effort.Then, when the light comes, a person starts to cheer the life and really hopes it will be forever. But, remember that, the life is not smooth as we plan. In the journey called life there must be ups and downs part. Even the light is still there but it is not as bright as the person hope. One fine day, a person still need to do the decision to continue life.Huh..life is tiring if the person don't have clear understanding about life. It is comes when the person start to forget the goal of the life. Masya-Allah...

Its really touch. Its so mean. Allahuakbar. When we fall once, it does not mean we will fall forever. If we feel that we make a wrong step, we still have the time to repent and trying harder not to repeat it again. Somehow, its easy as to say ABC and its easy as to count 123. But, try to put in effort......hmmm...Allahu rabbi. Only He knows everything.


The story is end already. What I'm trying to say that...... HIDUP TAK SELAMANYA INDAH... LANGIT TAK SELAMANYA CERAH...... Whatever it is, life must goes on. Every difficulties is a test for us to be more matured in this life and will make us more tougher in the future. One fine day, we will returns to the Almighty and at that time there is no hopes to repent. Every single things on what we did will appera one by one without one left. Astghfirullah... :( Semoga Allah ampunkan kita semua dan mati dalam iman. Ameen..

That's it mates.Till we meet again in the next story with the different genre. Insya-Allah.

Thanks for reading...
Take care...(^.^)

Ma'asslamah wa ilal liqa'...:)

p/s: hidup tanpa sahabat yang saling ingat mengingati amat sukar untuk perbaiki diri...
hidup tanpa insan yang saling kasih mengasihi kerana-Nya amat sukar untuk berubah ke arah kebaikan..
jadi di situlah terletaknya nilai ukhwah kerana-Nya...
aku merindui sahabat2 ku.... :'(
hanya doa mampu ku kirimkan agar mereka sentiasa di bawah lembayung redha Ilahi.


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