147. Awareness on Halal Pharmaceuticals

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Readers!


Salam Jumaat buat pembaca yang dikasihi khusunya saudara seagamaku. Sama-samalah mengimarahkan hari yang penuh barakah ini dengan selawat ke atas Nabi, bertasbih, bertahmid, berzikir dan sebagainya. Moga beroleh ketenangan dalam menghadapi cabaran hidup ini.


As usual, a schematic intro.hehe. Actually its just a little bit reminder for me that always forget. Okay whats the matter? No matter. Just want to share something with you which I think I want to share. 

Do you aware about halal pharmaceutical? How much you aware about it? Last Wednesday, I had an opportunity to attend halal awareness seminar which is organized by Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad or well known as CCM Berhad. It was held at Dewan Besar IKIM. Honestly, the content of the seminar such as the speaker and the topics most likely a repetition for me and just one or two topics are new. However, repetition will be considered as a recapitulate or reminder of what I had been learn before.

Saya tak suka makan ubat...anda suka? hehehe ;D

So, what to share? Before that, I want to emphasized you that I'm not really expert on pharmaceutical matters because my background doesn't related to it. I'm studied biotechnology back to my undergraduate. I start to familiarize myself with pharmaceutical matters since I joined Halal Executive Programme previously.

Therefore, I can share with you on the very basic thing and from my basic understanding. I hope all of you aware about the medicine that we are taken during we are sick. But, does everybody aware about the halalness of the medicine? Especially for our brothers and sisters in Islam out there? Just answer it in your heart.

Dear Readers,

Currently the halal certification was issued to the certain categories of medicines. Basically, the pharmaceutical falls under 3 broad categories which is:

a) Prescribed-Only-Medicine (POM): can only be bought with a prescription by a registered medical doctor.
b) Over-the-counter (OTC): can be bought at shops, supermarkets, pharmacies or any other premises without restriction and 
c) Behind-the-counter (BTC): can be sold by a registered pharmacist

From my understanding, the halal certification was issued to the medicines that falls under the OTC categories such as health supplement, vitamins and generics (panadol,uphamol etc that patent was expired). But, remember that the OTC products (generic) can apply for halal certification, however the manufacturer cannot display the halal logo on the products. Different with health supplement, traditional medicines, vitamins and etc the halal logo is allow to display. 

The reason why the halal logo cannot be displayed on the generic medicines is due to some issue such as an ethical issues. This is regards to the authorized body which is National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB). 

However, as an aware patient we have the rights to ask the doctor about the halal issues of the medicines that given to us. If there is no others alternative for the medicine but then we can take the non-halal medicine due to dharurah and to prevent our life.


The vital problem is until when we need to accept the dharurah? This issues is widely discussed during few seminar that I had attend. As a Muslim, we need to aware on what we eat, what we take and what we consume. Because for us, it is an obligation to seek for halal food as well as halal medicine. Therefore, it is the time to aware the halalness of the products that we are consume.

As narrated by Abu Darda, The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: Allah has sent down both the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a cure for every disease, so treat yourselves medically, but use nothing unlawful.

Based on the hadith above, it is clear that every disease  Allah already sent down the cure. As a khalifah on this earth we need to seek for it, learn and find it. That is why knowledge is important. Tepuk dada tanyalah Iman. ;)

Overall, the seminar that I had attend on last Wednesday is quite beneficial and meaningful though for several topics and speakers are familiar with me. There is no harm to seek for knowledge even it is more likely a repetition. Because knowledge is very wide. hoho..

Below are some pictures that I think I in the mood to share with my valued readers. :)

Tentative for Day 1

Prof Zhari (USM) that talking about Halal Index

Wacana Session that Gather Various Expertise in their Field

The MC for the seminar

That's it dear that I can share with all of you. Let's give thoroughly support for our colleague who are very passion and patiently dedicated their life into production of halal food,pharmaceutical, cosmetics,logistics and whatever area that related to halal. Their contribution very precious enough for us. May Allah bless us all. Ameen. :)

See you soon in next entry with His wills. Do take care. :)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


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