148. Shattered Into Pieces

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Days!


How are you peeps? Hopefully you are doing well.

Again...again...and again...I feel so frustrated. My heart is shattered into pieces. I don't know why should I felt this way. O Allah does the feeling is wrong? Does it is shows that I'm not really honest and redha for all the fate that You are written for me? Please guide me Ya Rab..


I don't know why the feeling is like this. Before the exam, honestly I didn't put high expectation and hope to pass it because I realized it is really tough. Lots of competition and the limitation of the vacancies. However, after the result release and stated that FAILED. Phew! My heart shattered into pieces even I expect I didn't passed it. Plus when I heard from my friend that she did it and passed the exam make me more demotivated.

Huh! What of the hidden meaning of those trial. Semua mainan syaitan atau aku yang tidak pernah kenal erti syukur. Hmm whatever it is, I just need to accept the reality and move forward. Forget the past and catch the future. I start to worry and worry again.

However, congratulations for those who are passed the entrance examination for PTD M41. May all of you succeed in the next stage. Alf Mabruk! :)

The way I have to... :)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'...:)


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