159.Hectic Week

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates!


How was your Iman today? May its in good condition. How's life mates! Syawal almost end. New month will come. Hopefully new spirit and new good things will appear. May Allah grant us His blessing in everyday life.


As I told before in the previous post,  I attended Training the Trainers programme for 7 days started on 3rd of September until 11th September. This workshop was organized by HDC for USIM's lecturer. So am I a lecturer? hohoho..For sure not. Since I am a graduate intern for one of FPSK's lecturer who joined this programme, then he suggest us (my friend and I) to join this course. It's may benefits in the future. Who knows!

Then, since it fully sponsored by USIM, I just grab the chance. It's free and food also provided. hehe. Actually, by attending this course, I had experience in new things. Of course I did! Even few topic is quit familiar for me than its good to refresh again and again. It is because things related current issues is always upadated. In other words, this course is kind of refresher and updating issues pertaining to Halal industries. It is awesome!


Although its kind of repetition, it's not for all session. There's some new things had been introduced. It's all about train the trainers session. I already know the speakers. He is very wonderful and experienced person in handling those kind of session. He is Tn. Hj Fairus from Efficient Frontier. I knew him back to Halal Executive Programme (HEP). Meet him again in TOT session I already get some ideas what will happend during his session.hehehe. But it's wonderful. His session full of creativity in order to woke us up during the session. Congrats! Positive feedback from the participants. I think almost all the lecturers enjoyed his session very much. Including me. :)

One of the topic. Tapi ni topic apa ye.. ^_^

But! Of course the worth part was presentation.Hahaha.. That was the nervous part. I'm sure everybody will share the same feeling with me right? However, since most all the participants are lecturers, I think it's nothing new for them. Everyday they stand in front of various numbers of student and giving lectured. But, for me, its very nervous. Imagine, do a presentation in front of the medical person.Oh dear! hoho. However, Alhamdulillah, everything just become a history with a great experience through life.


During the training I went to Kampus Pandan Indah by public transport. Everyday I ulang-alik from Nilai to Pandan. For sure it's the tiring part of the weeks. Imagine almost 7 am, I need to be at the Komuter Nilai Station. For some days 6.30 am, I need to be there. From Nilai I went to Bandar Tasik Selatan Station. Then, took LRT Star from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Cempaka Station. But need to change LRT at Chan Sow Lin first. Baru la boleh pegi Cempaka. From Cempaka to USIM need to take a cab. Then, baru la smpai. Most challenging part during peak hour. Sometimes, no free seat available and need to stand until Nilai. Fuh! Most exciting experince. Woha!

Most memorable part during last day. Imagine, we finished the class at 6.30 pm. Need to perform Asar prayer first at LRT Cempaka. Then, baru naik LRT cempaka and kena tukar tren kat Chan Sow Lin. Bila dah sampai Chan Sow Lin boleh pula pintu coach yang dinaiki tu tak buka. Oh dear! Terpaksa la lajak sampai stesen Pudu. Pastu patah balik. Dah la lewat petang dah. Phew! At the end I arrived at home almost 9.00 pm. Solat maghrib kat stesen komuter je la.

However, all of the journeys remains as my memorable experience through the entire life. So the end!

Hehe..tiba-tiba terfikir macam mana la orang yang pergi keje dan transportnya hanyalah public transport. Baru 7 hari rasa hectic dah macam mana la dengan orang yang hari-hari macam tu. Jadi, bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada sekarang. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. :)

Tak banyak ambil gambar pun. Bukan tak banyak memang tak ada ambik pun. So tak dapat la nak kongsi gambar. Sikit2 adalah. Tu pun ihsan dari kamera orang lain.hehe

That's it peeps! Semoga manfaat pada anda. Sekiranya tidak mohon ditinggalkan. Salam juang. Jaga diri baik-baik. Semoga Allah redha kehidupan kita semua. Aamiinn. :)

Gambar saya yang paling tembam..phew.. =.="

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)


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