168. Deactivate

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates!


Hi dear, how are doing? Hopefully everything is just fine :)


What's means?

Actually it is nothing much important for you

But, for you to know, currently I deactivate my FB account for a while.


No reason at all.

I feel just want to do, so I just do it.

Maybe to give me some space, time or some memory I left before.

The memory where I don't have any social network like friendster, facebook or tweeter.

Its that so important?

I don't know. I firstly create my FB account on 2009. To be honest at that time I just create it The reason for creating all those things maybe I just follow the circulation of time.

The medium to connect with old friends, get to know them and keep in touch with colleague, relatives and good old friends.

Thats why the FB account was created before. ;)

Honestly, I am not really interested in creating or participating in the social network. I don't know why. Maybe I am not an adventurous person to explore a new things or technologies. That's my bad :(

My first email account itself was created by my oldest sister. I am using that hotmail account until now. But, for a few reasons now I have another two email accounts.

The official one that I am using now is G-mail.

However, I attempt to create this blog right? Hahaha. That's quite amusing sometimes. 

The reason of this blog was created before because I love to write up a short story, poems, the heartfelt of mine in the different style of language. 

And now, my skills and ability to write up of those short story become blunt. The talent is already gone. Hehu ;P

Maybe  lacking of time and ideas about the story lines. The inspiration of the new ideas is like to be on the wane. =.="

So sad. :(


This post is actually more likely as an announcement. For those who are wonder why and where I'm going. Hehehe. Tapi tak bajet pun ramai yang nak tau. ;)

That's my story "The Technology and I". Until when I want to deactivate FB? I don't know. Just wait and see. Maybe until I feel bored without connecting with my friends or people. ;p

Okay my dearie readers!

I'm truly sorry if this post no benefit at all. 

Last but not least, I am truly sorry if I did wrong to all of you. 

If my words really hurt you in our conversation face to face, in the cyber, on the social network and in this blog itself. 

And the list goes on.........

I am so sorry. 

Deep in my heart I never meant it. Peace no war. :)

Together we seek the Almighty Allah's pleasure. :) 

Bersama mencari keredhaan Ilahi.

Wah! Post macam nak berpisah pun ada. Hahaha. No harms. Maybe the aura of  the new year to come. ;P

Till we meet again. Thanks for giving your precious time to read this post. Sorry for no benefit (^_~).

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa'... :)

p/s: okay sila abaikan grammatical errors. :D


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