169. Take It Or Leave It

Assalamu'alaikum and Very Good Day Mates!


Hi there! How was your Iman today? Hopefully everything is doing well. Ameen! As for me, still trying harder to be good from yesterday. May Allah shower His blessing. Ameen!


December is towards the end of 2012. Many things happened during a year. Life is full of ups and downs. Everybody will sense difference way of flavor in his or her own life. As for me, lots of circumstances occurs. Bad and good both did appeared. That's the taste of my own life. 


Tomorrow I'm gonna homeward to my small tiny place that I belongs to. Even lots of people says bad things about my hometown, I still love it. Because at the small tiny state I was grown up. I first opened up my eyes with the green scenery, good smells of fresh air, gentle wind blows, the warm hearted neighbors and it's so halcyon. The most important is where the parents be, that the precious place to go in this world. The utmost happiness if we are with them can be sensed. So blessed! :) Peeps! Please pray for my journey will be arrived safely soon. Ameen!

Woha! So what's about the topic? Take it or leave it?

Hoho. It is simple. If you want it then you take it, pick it and appreciate it. If you don't want then you just leave it as your pleasure. It can be applied for whatever you feel to do so. But, for my part I think this words may give a deep meaning.

Why? Wonder? Please not okay! Not such an important one! 

Wanna know? Then, the list goes down.

Just a little piece of me, the other side of my thought and feeling.

Sometimes, I feel girl is complicated. They might think something are ridiculous. Means, the nature of female, they think hard, they want to show that they are strong, though and patience but deep inside of their heart they are so fragile. Their heart cry enough. I don't know. What I know, that's how Allah creates a female. With the softest heart in them, very kind, lovely and the nature of motherhood. That's the beauty of women.

And, it's much more different with a male, guy or men.

Allah creates them so tough as a leader, brave to speak the truth, has a thick soul and spirit. Because they have lots of responsibility. They need to protect and support their family. That's the beauty of men.

Thus, sometimes the difference may cause  misunderstanding and conflict between men and women. Not all but some men and women. For those who are really understand each other it should be okay. I means for those who are still in the learning process, in their way to understand each others. Therefore, they need time to reach a mutual understanding.

My valued readers,

Some may said that girls are matured faster than guys. But, what I see in some cases girls are very immature, childish and so on especially in a relationship (husband and wife). Maybe the girl has the sense to get more attention from their spouse. Their spouse are not alert with that because of many things that they need to take care off. This small small stuff may lead to the conflict in the relationship. Unless the women is matured enough, understanding person and have lots of experience so this tiny tiny stuff will not occurs. That's why it is called a learning process. In Islam, khitbah or engagement is one of the way to know more about each others before they are get married. It's a proper way. But! Bared in mind it is not like simply meet each other like that, there must a rule and courtesy to follow. Need parents to come along during the meeting some sort like that.

Phew! So again what's the relation to the topic I mentioned above?

Hrmm, take it or leave it. What I already mentioned above, my 2 cents opinion about girls and guys, take it or leave it. You have a choice to accept my opinion or not. If not so leave it. Simple. 

In simply way, kalau anda betul serius dan ikhlas pada seseorang itu then TAKE IT. Terimalah apa adanya, bimbinglah dia ke arah kebaikan dan hormatilah dia sebagai seorang perempuan. Kalau anda rasa anda tidak mampu then LEAVE IT! Tak perlu mengusutkan keadaan. Tak perlu bersusah payah kalau tidak daya. Mudah bukan? Pilihan di tangan anda. Jangan berumah di tepi pantai andai takut dilambung ombak dan jangan bermain dengan api. Kelak terbakar sendiri. Fikirkanlah!
That's it. Till we meet again mates! May Allah bless us all in everyday life. Remember Allah always! Be happy and keep it simple mates! :)

Ma'assalamah wa ilal liqa' :)


Nurul K said…
love this inspiration entry very much. miss u a lot. :)
Anonymous said…
below the home of Brown

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